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National Labor Relations Act: Law and Practice

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ISBN: 9780820516141
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A comprehensive, authoritative treatise on the entire scope of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and related statutes as interpreted by the National Labor Relations Board and the courts, as well as matters of practice and procedure under the Act before the Board and the courts. (For a detailed listing of contents, please click on the "Table of Contents" tab.) This treatise provides in-depth, detailed analysis of the subject, profusely footnoted with main and supplemental citations. Helpful features include boxed summary notes highlighting main idea of section content, Practice Pointers, bulleted summaries, illustrative official NLRB forms, and Appendices of statutes, rules and regulations, NLRB organizational information, and Board guideline memorandums.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The National Labor Relations Act: An Overview
Chapter 2 NLRB Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 [Reserved]
Chapter 4 Employees' Rights (Section 7 of the Act)
Chapter 5 Interference with, Restraint or Coercion of Employee Rights
Chapter 6 Employer Domination of or Interference with Labor Organizations (Section 8(a)(2) of the Act)
Chapter 7 Union Restraint or Coercion in Selection of Employer Representatives
Chapter 8 Employer and Union Discrimination Affecting Terms and Conditions of Employment (Sections 8(a)(3), 8(a)(4) and 8(b)(2))
Chapter 9 -- 11 [Reserved]

Chapter 12 Duty to Bargain
Chapter 13 Subjects of Bargaining
Chapter 14 Successor Employers and Unions
Chapter 15 Procedure in Unfair Labor Practice Cases
Chapter 16 -- 18 [Reserved]

Chapter 19 Strikes
Chapter 20 Lockouts
Chapter 21 Secondary Activity: Strikes, Boycotts, Picketing and Hot Cargo Contracts
Chapter 22 Organizational and Recognitional Picketing
Chapter 23 Consumer Picketing
Chapter 24 Jurisdictional Disputes and Featherbedding
Chapter 25 Union Security
Chapter 26 Dues Checkoffs
Chapter 27 Duty of Fair Representation
Chapter 28 -- 31 [Reserved]

Chapter 32 Union Elections and Representation Procedures
Chapter 33 Union Recognition and Withdrawal of Recognition Without an Election
Chapter 34 Conduct Interfering With a Representation Election
Chapter 35 Appropriate Bargaining Units
Chapter 36 Preemption
Chapter 37 -- 39 [Reserved]

Chapter 40 NLRB Deferral to Arbitration
Chapter 41 Judicial Enforcement of Collective Bargaining Agreements Under Section 301
Chapter 42 The NLRA and the Bankruptcy Laws
Chapter 43 The NLRA and the Antitrust Laws
Chapter 44 Section 302: Restrictions on Employer Payments to Labor Organizations and Representatives
Chapter 45 [Reserved]
Chapter 46 The NLRA and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Chapter 47 -- 51 [Reserved]

Appendix A: National Labor Relations Act
Appendix B: NLRB Statements of Procedure
Appendix C: NLRB Rules and Regulations; Related Regulations
Appendix C1: Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Arbitration Services (29 CFR Part 1404)
Appendix C2: American Arbitration Association Labor Arbitration Rules (Including Expedited Labor Arbitration Rules
Appendix D: Norris-LaGuardia Act
Appendix E: Clayton Act
Appendix F: Bankruptcy Code
Appendix G: National Labor Relations Board Regional Offices
Appendix H: Guideline Memorandum on Charge Nurse Supervisory Issues (Memorandum OM 99-4)
Appendix I: Guideline Memorandum Concerning Gissel (Memorandum GC 99-8)
Appendix J: Guideline Memorandum Concerning Levitz (Memorandum GC 02-01)
Appendix K: Guidelines Concerning Appropriate Contacts with Represented Persons (Memorandum OM 02-36)
Appendix L: Procedures and Remedies for Discriminatees Who May Be Undocumented Aliens After Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc. (Memorandum GC 02-06)
Appendix M: Case Handling Instructions for Cases Concerning Bill Johnson's Restaurants and BE&K Construction Co. (Memorandum GC 02-09)
Appendix M1: Guideline Memorandum Concerning BE&K Construction Co., 351 NLRB No. 29 (September 29, 2007) (Memorandum GC 08-02)
Appendix N: Use of Internet E-mail by Outside Parties to Communicate with Board Agents and Submit Documents to Regional Offices (Memorandum OM 03-74)
Appendix O: Submissions to the Division of Advice (Memorandum GC 02-03)
Appendix P: Collection Cases - Reaffirmation of GC 95-98 (Memorandum GC 02-05)
Appendix Q: Merit Dismissals (Memorandum OM 01-76)
Appendix R: Merit Dismissal Letters (Memorandum OM 02-15)
Appendix S: Revised Procedure for Merit Dismissals (Memorandum GC 02-08)
Appendix T: Case Handling Instructions for Charges that Concern Information Requests about Strike Replacements (Memorandum OM 04-72)
Appendix U: Expansion of the Board's E-Filing Project to Include Selected Documents in Unfair & Labor Practice and Representation Cases and Revision of the General Counsel's 'Internet E-mail Policy (Memorandum OM 05-30)
Appendix V: Dana Corp., 351 NLRB No. 28 (September 29, 2007) (Memorandum OM 08-07)
Appendix W: Guideline Memorandum Concerning Unfair Labor Practice Charges Involving Political Advocacy (Memorandum GC 08-10)

Appendix X: Guideline Memorandum Concerning St. George Warehouse (Memorandum GC 09-01)

Appendix X1 Guideline Memorandum Regarding Backpay Mitigation (Memorandum GC 11-07)

Appendix Y: Guideline Memorandum Concerning Unfair Labor Practice Charges Involving Employee Waivers in the Context of Employers' Mandatory Arbitration Policies (Memorandum GC 10-06)

App Y1 First Contract Bargaining Cases (Memorandum GC 06-05)

App Y2 Additional Remedies in First Contract Bargaining Cases (Memorandum GC 07-08)

App Y3 First Contract Bargaining Cases: Regional Authorization to Seek Additional Remedies and Submissions to Division of Advice (Memorandum GC 11-06)

App Z Guideline Memorandum Concerning Deferral to Arbitral Awards and Grievance Settlements in Section 8(a)(1) and (3) cases (Memorandum GC 11-05)

App AA Guideline Memorandum Concerning Unfair Labor Practice Charges Involving Political Advocacy (Memorandum GC 8-10)

App BB Effective Section 10(j) Remedies for Unlawful Discharges in
Organizing Campaigns (Memorandum GC 10-07)

App CC Changes to the Methods Used to Calculate Backpay in Light of
Kentucky River Medical Center and to Better Effectuate the Remedial Purposes of the Act (Memorandum GC 11-08)

App CC1 Attachment: Daily Compound interest

Table of Cases