Moore's Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure

Moore’s Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure is the abridged companion to Moore’s Federal Practice full set for quick and precise reference.

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Print Book:3 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with supplements and revisions
ISBN: 9780820514116
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ISBN: 9781579117047
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ISBN: 9781579117047
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Moore's Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure, first published in 1962, is a versatile and essential office resource and authoritative guide to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, now revised to include the latest amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and featuring coverage of the important December 2010 amendments to Civil Rules 26 (disclosure and discovery) and 56 (summary judgment).

A convenient and practical abridged version of the complete Moore's Federal Practice, the master treatise on federal practice, Moore's Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure is a timesaving tool for any practitioner. It discusses the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, and the Rules of the Supreme Court, providing a handy overview of federal practice for the busy litigator. You'll find Moore's Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure to be a versatile litigation resource that outlines each step and chronologically follows the case through federal court, treating jurisdiction, venue, removal, pleadings, motions, trial, etc. It explains in detail how each rule and applicable statute is interpreted by the courts, and how each applies to actual civil practice. You'll get quick, precise answers to all your significant procedural questions. Moore's Manual: Federal Practice and Procedure also offers numerous annotations and frequent cross-referencing to Moore's Federal Practice and Bender's Federal Practice Forms to aid you when more extensive research is needed.

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Table of contents

PART I Judicial Powers; Law Applied; Evidence 
Chapter 1 Federal Courts
Chapter 2 Concurrent And Conflicting Jurisdiction
Appendix 2 Rules Of Procedure Of The Judicial Panel On Multidistrict Litigation
Chapter 3 Law Applied
Chapter 4 Federal Evidence Summary
Appendix 4 Federal Rules Of Evidence

PART II Jurisdiction; Venues; Removal
Chapter 5 Original Jurisdiction Over The Subject Matter
Chapter 6 Personal Jurisdiction And Service Of Process
Chapter 7 Venue
Chapter 8 Removal From State Courts

PART III Pleading Stage
Chapter 9 Pleadings And Motions In General
Appendix 9 Schedule Of Time
Chapter 10 Plaintiff's Pleadings
Chapter 10a Injunctions
Chapter 11 Defendant's Response
Chapter 12 Plaintiff's Response

PART IV Parties
Chapter 13 Interests Of Parties
Chapter 14 Multiple Party Practice
Chapter 14a Class Actions; Derivative Actions

PART V Pretrial Stage
Chapter 15 Discovery
Chapter 16 Judgment On The Pleadings
Chapter 17 Summary Judgment
Chapter 18 Pretrial Conferences; Scheduling; Management
Chapter 19 Dismissals

PART VI Trial And Judgment
Chapter 20 Trial Practice In General
Chapter 21 Masters And Magistrate Judges
Chapter 22 Trial By Jury
Chapter 23 Trial To Court; Inability Of Judge To Proceed
Chapter 24 New Trials And Harmless Error
Chapter 25 Judgment
Chapter 25a Declaratory Judgment
Chapter 26 Post-Judgment Procedures
Appendix 26 Appendix Of Forms: Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure

Chapter 27 General Principles Of Appeal
Chapter 28 Appeal To Court Of Appeals
Appendix 28 Federal Rules Of Appellate Procedure
Chapter 29 Appeal To Supreme Court
Appendix 29 Rules Of The Supreme Court Of The United States
Chapter 30 Res Judicata And Related Doctrines