Maryland School Laws and Regulations Annotated

Maryland School Laws and Regulations Annotated is an essential resource for Maryland education professionals.
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2020-2021 edition
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Maryland School Laws and Regulations Annotated provides fingertip access to a collection of education-related statutes in one handy volume! Published in cooperation with the Maryland Association of Boards of Education, this up-to-date publication offers quick reference to important statutes contained in the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, as well as other Articles such as Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Election Law, Family Law, Health, Public Safety and much more. In addition, the publication offers comprehensive coverage of Title 13A of the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR).

This publication contains fully annotated statutes from Michie's Annotated Code of Maryland, with case annotations, legislative amendment notes, Editor's notes, and a subject index. Complete with a fully searchable and user-friendly CD-ROM, Maryland School Laws and Regulations Annotated is the essential primary law resource for school principals, administrators and education attorneys in Maryland.


Education Article

  • Title 2. State Department of Education
  • Title 3. Establishment of County Boards of Education
  • Title 4. Local School Administration
  • Title 5. Financing
  • Title 6. Teachers and Other Personnel
  • Title 7. Public Schools
  • Title 8. Special Programs for Exceptional Children
  • And more

COMAR Title 13A State Board of Education

  • State School Administration
  • Local School Administration
  • General Instructional Programs
  • Special Instructional Programs
  • School Personnel
  • Students
  • Non-Public Schools
  • Home Instruction
  • Certification

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The ISBN for the 2019-2020 Edition was 9781522184720.

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Table of contents

 Sections Affected by 2013 Legislation

Article 24.  Political Subdivisions—Miscellaneous Provisions.
Title 4.  Meetings
Article 27.  Crimes and Punishments
Article 41.  Governor — Executive and Administrative Departments

Article 49B.  Human Relations Commission.
Discrimination in Employment, § 16 [Repealed]

Title 5.  Pesticide and Pest Control.

Declaration of Rights, Article 36

Constitution of Maryland.
Article III.  Legislative Department, § 52
Article VIII.  Education, §§ 1 to 3

Correctional Services.
Title 4.  Patuxent Institution.

Courts and Judicial Proceedings.
Title 2.  Court Personnel.
Title 3.  Courts of General Jurisdiction — Jurisdiction/Special Causes of Action.
Title 5.  Limitations, Prohibited Actions, and Immunities.

Criminal Law.
Title 3.  Other Crimes Against the Person.
Title 4.  Weapon Crimes.
Title 5.  Controlled Dangerous Substances, Prescriptions, and Other Substances.
Title 6.  Crimes Against Property.
Title 9.  Crimes Against Public Administration.
Title 10.  Crimes Against Public Health, Conduct, and Sensibilities.
Title 14.  General Sentencing Provisions.

Criminal Procedure.
Title 1.  Definitions; General Provisions.
Title 2.  Law Enforcement Procedures; Arrest Process.
Title 4.  Pretrial Procedures.
Title 6. Trial and Sentencing.
Title 11.  Victims and Witnesses.

Economic Development.
Division II.  independent and Regional Development Units and Resources.
Title 10.  Statewide Development Resources and Revenue Authorities.

Division I.  Definitions; General Provisions.
Title 1.  Definitions; General Provisions.

Division II.  Elementary and Secondary Education.
Title 2.  State Department of Education.
Title 3.  Establishment of County Boards of Education.
Title 4.  Local School Administration.
Title 5.  Financing.
Title 6.  Teachers and Other Personnel.
Title 7.  Public Schools.
Title 8.  Special Programs for Exceptional Children.
Title 9.  Maryland Public Charter School Program, §§ 9-101 to 9-112.

Division III.  Higher Education.
Title 10.  Definitions and Maryland Charter for Higher Education.
Title 11.  Maryland Higher Education Commission.
Title 13.  University of Maryland — General Provisions.
Title 15.  Public Institutions of Higher Education.
Title 16.  Community Colleges.
Title 17.  Financial Aid to Institutions of Higher Education.
Title 18.  Student Financial Assistance.
Title 19.  Auxiliary and Academic Facilities Bond Authority, § 19-102.

Division IV.  Other Education Provisions.
Title 21.  Career and Technology Education Programs.
Title 22.  Educational Services for Correctional Institutions, Juvenile Services, and Hospitals.
Title 23.  Libraries.
Title 24.  Miscellaneous Education Agencies.
Title 25.  Educational Compacts.
Title 26.  Prohibitions and Penalties.

Election Law.
Title 8.  Elections.

Title 6.  Toxic, Carcinogenic, and Flammable Substances.

Estates and Trusts.
Title 1  . Estates of Decedents — General Provisions.

Family Law.
Title 5.  Children.

Title 13.  Miscellaneous Health Care Programs.
Title 15.  Assistance Programs.
Title 18.  Disease Prevention.

Human Services.
Title 1.  Definitions; General Provisions.
Title 8.  Children, Youth, and Families.
Title 9.  Juvenile Services.

Labor and Employment.
Title 3.  Employment Standards and Conditions.

Local Government.
Division III.  Counties.
Title 9.  General and Administrative Provisions.

Division IV.  Local Finance.
Title 19.  Public Debt.
Title 20.  Taxes and Development Impact Fees.
Title 21.  Special Taxing Districts.

Public Safety.
Title 3.  Law Enforcement.
Title 6.  State Fire Prevention Commission and State Fire Marshal.
Title 9.  Fire Protection and Prevention.
Title 10.  Fireworks and Sparklers.
Title 12.  Building and Material Codes; Other Safety Provisions.

State Finance and Procurement.
Division I.  State Finance.
Title 3.  Budget Management.
Title 4.  Department of General Services.
Title 5.  State Planning.
Title 6.  Revenues.
Title 8.  Debt.

Division II.  General Procurement Law.
Title 14.  Preferences.
Title 16.  Suspension and Debarment of Contractors.
Title 17.  Special Provisions — State and Local Subdivisions.

State Government.
Title 9.  Miscellaneous Executive Agencies.
Title 10.  Governmental Procedures.
Title 15.  Public Ethics.
Title 20.  Human Relations.

Title 11.  Vehicle Laws — Definitions; General Provisions.
Title 13.  Vehicle Laws — Certificates of Title and Registration of Vehicles.
Title 16.  Vehicle Laws — Drivers' Licenses.
Title 21.  Vehicle Laws — Rules of the Road.
Title 22.  Vehicle Laws — Equipment of Vehicles.
Title 25.   Vehicle Laws — Respective Powers of State and Local Authorities; Disposition of Abandoned Vehicles.



Title 7.  Department of Human Resources.
Title 9.  Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.
Title 10.  Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
Title 11.  Department of Transportation.
Title 13A.  State Board of Education.
Title 14.  Independent Agencies.
Title 19A.  State Ethics Commission.
Title 21.  State Procurement Policies.
Title 23.  Board of Public Works.
Title 26.  Department of the Environment.
Title 28.  Office of Administrative Hearings.
Title 30.  Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS).

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