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Thoroughly updated and available in looseleaf format, Lousiana Tort Law is the first book to treat comprehensively tort theory and practice in Louisiana. Cited over 140 times in Louisiana case law and law reviews over the last 4 years, the publication provides discussion and analysis of all significant post-1996 jurisprudence on Louisiana's civil justice reform. Covering all major areas of tort theory and practice in the state, the authors include detailed coverage of intentional torts, negligence, strict liability, absolute liability, and defenses.

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Table of Contents

Summary Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Nature of Tort Liability in Louisiana
Chapter 2 Intentional Torts and Defenses
Chapter 3 Negligence - General Overview
Chapter 4 Cause-In-Fact
Chapter 5 Duty: General and Specific Risks
Chapter 6 Breach
Chapter 7 Damages
Chapter 8 Proving Fault
Chapter 9 Defenses to Negligence: The Victim's Substandard Conduct
Chapter 10 Prescription and Peremption
Chapter 11 Immunity
Chapter 12 Multiple Tortfeasors and Solidary Liability
Chapter 13 Vicarious Liability
Chapter 14 Strict Liability
Chapter 15 Product Liability
Chapter 16 Absolute Liability
Chapter 17 Landowner, Lessor, & Lessee Liability
Chapter 18 Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
Chapter 19 Defamation and Invasion of Privacy
Chapter 20 Intentional Inference with Contract
Chapter 21 Negligent Provision of Services (Malpractice)
Chapter 22 Conflicts of Law in Louisiana Tort Cases