Letters of Credit

Shows you how to use the letter of credit to your clients' advantage.

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Print Book:2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated with revisions
ISBN: 9780820513874
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ISBN: 9781579116972
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•  Clearly presents the controlling law, providing full analysis of the Revised UCC Article 5 and the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP)

•  Provides line-by-line expert analysis of a sample letter of credit application form

•  Examples and diagrams throughout illustrate the relationships between parties in a transaction

•  Reprints relevant primary source, including the complete texts of Revised UCC Article 5, the pre-1995 version of UCC Article 5, the UCP 500 and the Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements

•  Transactional format plus practice aids speed

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Table of contents


CHAPTER 1 Judicial Proceedings and the Law Applicable to Credits, Guarantees, and Bonds

CHAPTER 2 The Applicant and the Beneficiary

CHAPTER 3 The Applicant and the Issuer

CHAPTER 4 The Issuer and the Beneficiary

CHAPTER 5 Provisional Remedies

CHAPTER 6 Acceptance Financing

CHAPTER 7 Credit Enhancement

CHAPTER 8 Restrictive Trade Practices

CHAPTER 9 Contract Guarantees

CHAPTER 10 Demand Guarantees

CHAPTER 11 Contract Bonds

Appendix A: Sample Forms

Appendix B: U.C.C.--Revised Article 5 (1995)-- Letters of Credit

Appendix C: U.C.C.--Original Article 5 (1962)-- Letters of Credit

Appendix D: UCP 600 Uniform Customs And Practice for Documentary Credits (2007 Revision)

Appendix E: UCP 500 (1993 Revision)

Appendix F: Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements Under Documentary Credits

Appendix G: ICC Uniform Rules for Contract Guarantees