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69th Annual
ISBN: 9781522159391
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69th Annual
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69th Annual
ISBN: 9781522159438
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The annual proceedings of the Institute on Oil and Gas Law, part of The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law's continuing education program, provide expert guidance on current legal issues involving the oil, gas and energy industries. Published in condensed and edited form, the proceedings offer oil, gas and energy practitioners practical ideas and solutions for dealing with the impact of new laws and regulations.

The timeliness of the topics and the insight and experience of the authors make The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law's Annual Institute on Oil and Gas Law a valuable addition to the library of anyone with a practice concerned with oil and gas law.

Also available, the print version contains a separate, two-volume consolidated index and finding tables for back issues.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Oil and Gas Update, by Bret Wells

Chapter 2 – Don't Be "Socially" Unacceptable: Avoiding Ethical Issues with Lawyers' Use of Social Media, by John G. Browning

Chapter 3 – Select Recent Decisions on Oil and Gas Royalty Obligations and Class Certification in Royalty Cases, by Mark D. Christiansen

Chapter 4 – Cybersecurity: Highlights from the Litigation and Enforcement Landscape, by Aravind Swaminathan

Chapter 5 – Climate Change Litigation: The Emergence of Public Nuisance under (the Golden) State Law, by Nicholas A. Miller-Stratton, Megan R. Nishikawa, Tracie J. Renfroe, Prof. Tracy D. Hester, Katherine G. Treistman

Chapter 6 – What Happens to My Lawsuit? When Bankruptcy and Litigation Collide, by Demetra L. Liggins, Cassandra Sepanik Shoemaker, and Steve J. Levitt

Chapter 7 – "Moneyball" for the Oil Patch: How Private Equity is Re-Shaping the Upstream Oil and Gas Mergers and Acquisitions Market, by R. Ryan Staine and Erin Hopkins

Chapter 8 – Avoiding the Traps of Costly Errors in Misclassification of Independent Contractors in the Oil and Gas Industry, by Susan Llewellyn Deniker and Zachary Bombatch

Chapter 9 – Tax Traps in Oil and Gas Like-Kind Exchange Transactions, by Todd Way and Julia Pashin

Chapter 10 – Consents to Assign and Preferential Rights to Purchase—Restraints on Liquidity and … Values?, by Terry Cross

Chapter 11 – A View into the Oil and Gas Business in Brazil, by Humberto Quintas, Danielle Valois, and Gabriela Bezerra Fischer

Chapter 12 – Reserve-Based Lending in Mexico: Breaking Ground into an Emerging Market, by Benjamin Torres-Barron, Hector Medina-Perez, and Gabriela Bezerra-Fischer

Chapter 13 – Legal Issues Associated With Departing Employees in the Energy Industry, by Dwayne L. Mason and Scott M. Nelson, and Albert K. Shung

Chapter 14 – Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law Impacting the Energy Industry, by Jeff C. Dodd, H. Albert Liou, Jason P. Sander, Viddy T. Harris

Chapter 15 – Outer Continental Shelf Supplemental Financial Assurance Program: Are We in Kansas Yet?, by Nadège Assalé and Mike Celata

Chapter 16 – The Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Under the Trump Administration: A Year of Executive Actions, by Kathleen L. Doody, Wayne D'Angelo, and Ana Ramirez

Chapter 17 – Effect of Buy American Hire American Executive Order on Immigration Enforcement at the Worksite, by Patrick Shen

Chapter 18 – Outsourcing and Divestments: A Global Discussion of Employer Considerations, by Latasha D. McDade, Steven D. Baderian, Scott T. Baken, Isaac J. Burker, Adam C. Doerr, Keith A. Dropkin, Christopher C. Repole, John L. Sander, and Jonathan J. Spitz

Chapter 19 – Deans of Oil and Gas Practice Lecture—Oil and Gas Law: A Critique, by David E. Pierce

Chapter 20 – Policy Approaches to Deploying Energy Storage: Lessons from California and South Australia, by Abby Fox