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Indiana Worker's Compensation Laws and Rules Annotated

Publisher: Michie

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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522152743
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2018 Edition
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2018 Edition
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Published in cooperation with the Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana and the Indiana Compensation Ratings Bureau, this all-in-one reference provides complete coverage of the statutes, rules, forms, and agencies that govern worker's compensation law in the state.

Features include:

•  Case annotations, cross references, and research aids from Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated
•  Extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law

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Table of Contents

Burns' Indiana Statutes Annotated

Title 22. Labor and Industrial Safety

Art. 3. Worker's Compensation

     Chap. 1. Worker's Compensation Board

     Chap. 2. Rights and Remedies

     Chap. 3. Claims and Benefits

     Chap. 4. Administration

     Chap. 5. Insurance

     Chap. 6. Definitions and Miscellaneous Provisions

     Chap. 7. Occupational Diseases

     Chap. 8. Claim Representation

     Chap. 9. Employer Liability

     Chap. 10. Claim Releases

     Chap. 11. Residual Asbestos Injury Fund

     Chap. 12. Vocational Rehabilitation

Title 27. Insurance.

Art. 1. Department of Insurance

     Chap. 31. Cancellation and Nonrenewal of Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance

     Chap. 41. Group Personal Excess or Umbrella Liability Insurance

Art. 7. Special Types of Insurance

     Chap. 2. Worker's Compensation

Indiana Administrative Code

Title 631. Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana

Art. 1. Worker's Compensation

     Rule 1. Procedures Before the Board; Compensation Payments; Reports; Second Injury Fund

Indiana Rules of Procedure

Rules of Trial Procedure

II. Commencement of Action; Service of Process, Pleadings, Motions and Orders

V. Depositions and Discovery


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