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Florida Guardianship Practice

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9th Edition
ISBN: 9781522117841
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9th Edition
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9th Edition
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Florida Guardianship Practice offers a concise, complete guide to this dynamic and complex area of law, from pre-guardianship planning through termination. In addition to exploring guardianship alternatives, stressing medical and legal issues, it analyzes all facets of practice under F.S. Chapter 744.

The Ninth Edition features:

  • Updated statutes, rules, and case law.
  • Newly revised Forms.
  • Discussion of hot topics including:
    • Substantial revision of the Florida Guardianship Law pursuant to SB 232—Ch. 2015-83, Laws of Florida (2015)
    • The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 & Public Assistance.
    • Veteran’s Benefits & Long-Term Care Planning
    • Guardianship Fees & Reasonableness—Expert Testimony no longer required. F.S. 744.108(9)
    • Recent evolution of “Interested Persons” in Guardianship Proceedings
    • The Department of Children and Families’ Responsibility for Guardianship of Children Aging out of Foster Care
    • Procedure for the Appointment of a Professional Guardian
    • Preservation & Protection of Assets—Safe-Deposit Boxes
    • For-Profit Corporate Guardians & Bond Requirement
    • Guardianship Property—Sale of Tangible & Intangible Personal Property 
    • The Regis Little Act, Ch. 2015-112, Laws of Florida (2015).
    • The Florida Uniform Transfers to Minors Act—Control Over Certain Transfers to Minors Extended to Age 25
    • Statutory Removal of a Guardian vs. Removal of a Guardian via Report of Emergency Court Monitor
    • Reversal of Appointment of a Guardian
    • Voluntary Dismissal of Incapacity Petition Before Final Hearing

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1.  Introduction 
Marsha G. Madorsky

CHAPTER 2.  Public And Private Assistance
Scott M. Solkoff and Daniel A. Terner

CHAPTER 3.  Fees And Other Costs In Guardianship Proceedings
Edward A. Shipe

CHAPTER 4.  Health Care Surrogates, Living Wills, And Related Issues
Jason R. Mosley

CHAPTER 5.  Durable Powers Of Attorney
Michael L. Foreman

CHAPTER 6.  Use Of Joint Ownership
J. Richard Caskey

CHAPTER 7.  Use Of Trusts
James A. Herb

CHAPTER 8.  Health Law Issues
R. Terry Rigsby

CHAPTER 9.  Florida Uniform Transfers To Minors Act
G. Charles Wohlust

CHAPTER 10.  Role Of The Attorney In Planning
Richard C. Milstein

CHAPTER 11.  Introduction To F.S. Chapter 744
Twyla L. Sketchley

CHAPTER 12.  Establishing The Guardianship Cristina
Papanikos and William T. Hennessey

CHAPTER 13.  Guardian Of The Property: Duties, Powers, And Liabilities
Nicklaus Curley and William T. Hennessey

CHAPTER 14.  Guardian Of The Person: Duties, Responsibilities, And Liabilities
Robert P. Scheb

CHAPTER 15.  Accountings And Reports Of Guardians Of The Property
Brenda Edgerton Byrne

CHAPTER 16.  Tax Aspects Of Guardianships
Jason R. Mosley

CHAPTER 17.  Special Property Problems Of Guardianships
Lance McKinney   

CHAPTER 18.  Guardians Ad Litem And Court Monitors
Lance McKinney

CHAPTER 19.  Veterans’ Guardians
Stephen Margulis

CHAPTER 20.  Public Guardianship
Michelle R. Hollister

CHAPTER 21.  Guardian Advocates
Gerald L. Hemness, Jr.

CHAPTER 22.  Guardianships For Minors
Kathleen A. Kadyszewski

CHAPTER 23.  Restoration Of Capacity
Edward A. Shipe

CHAPTER 24.  Conclusion Of Guardianships And Guardianship Appointments
Edward A. Shipe

CHAPTER 25.  Role Of The Attorney In Guardianship Proceedings
Christin C. Gallardo and Benjamin F. Diamond

CHAPTER 26.  Conservatorship
Robert P. Scheb