Florida Eminent Domain Practice and Procedure

This useful guide to the law of eminent domain in Florida explains condemnation proceedings from both the condemnee's and condemnor's perspective.

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10th Edition
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When can government "take" private property for a "public purpose?" Can private property owners obtain restitution for partial takings and business damages? This manual is a comprehensive treatment of current legal practice, including detailed review of proceedings from both the condemnor's and condemnee's perspective.

The new edition contains:

  • Updated statutes, rules, and case law.
  • Newly revised Introduction by the current Chair of the Eminent Domain Committee of The Florida Bar.
  • Discussion of of hot topics, including: 
    • Rights and ownership interests in funds deposited in the court registry, and any interest earned.
    • Excessive litigation by a condemning authority, and the entitlement of additional fees and costs in excess of the typical benefits-based fee. 
    • Judicial split regarding severance damages valuation and the proper time to object to an inconsistent verdict. 
    • The intentional imposition of, or maintaining, zoning in order to lower property values.
    • Attorney's fees and what constitutes a “first offer” for purposes of calculating the benefit achieved.
    • The 2015 Florida Legislature’s amendments to Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act. Ch. 2015-142, Laws of Florida.

Revised forms are also included.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


1.  Introduction
Joel Settembrini, Jr.

2.  Power Of Eminent Domain
Paul D. Bain and W. Campbell McLean

3.  The Public Purpose Doctrine
S. Cary Gaylord and A.J. Jim Spalla

4.  Necessity For The Taking
William P. Doney and H. Adams Weaver, Jr.

5.  Initiating Condemnation Lawsuit By Condemnor
Robert Livingston IV and Prineet D. Sharma

6.  Procedural And Substantive Defenses, And Defensive Pleadings
A. (Alex) Ford, Jr. and Gregory S. Rix

7.  Order Of Taking
D. Tobyn DeYoung, Thomas Goldstein, and Jim Helinger, Jr.

8.  Pretrial Procedures And Preparation For Trial Or Settlement
Thomas P. Callan and Dean DiRose

9.  Compensation
Brian P. Patchen, Robert I. Scanlan, and John C. Lukacs, Jr.

10.  Trial
Charles S. Strattonb and Robert S. Yerkes

11.  Jury Instructions
Judge Andrea Teves Smith and Andrew G. Diaz

12. Posttrial Procedure
John W. Little III and George Kellogg Gaskell

13.  Inverse Condemnation
S. William Moore and Gregory S.Rix

14.  Appeals
Amy Brigham Boulris

15.  Tax Considerations In Eminent Domain Proceedings
Bradley R. Gould and Dana M. Apfelbaum

16.  Distinctions Between Florida And Federal Practice
Blake H. Gaylord

17.  Benefits And Allowances Under Federal And State Programs
Lawrence S. Gendzier and D. Mark Natirboff

18.  Environmental Concerns
Darrell W. Payne and John J. McNally

19.  Statutory Private Property Rights Protection
Margaret L. Cooper and Joanne M. O’Connor

20.  Constitutional Protection Of Property Rights
Margaret L. Cooper and Joanne M. O’Connor

21.  Eminent Domain Mediation
Joe W. Fixel and William B. Smith

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Florida Constitution
Florida Rules Of Appellate Procedure
Florida Rules Of Civil Procedure
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United States Uncodified Laws And Acts
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