Florida Practitioners Guide: Mortgage Foreclosure and Alternatives

This guide for handling mortgage defaults helps you to decide the best action to take against the debtor and sets out all steps for a foreclosure action.

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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781663345165
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781663345172
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The 12th Edition of the Florida Practitioner's Guide: Mortgage Foreclosures & Alternatives includes a discussion of newly enacted and amended statutes, new case law, and updated forms addressing: foreclosure complaints, service of process, lien priority, conditions precedent, statute of limitations, adequate protection, show cause procedures for interim payments, summary judgment, deficiencies, and setting aside foreclosure judgments. A comprehensive discussion of bankruptcy is included and addresses relief from stay procedures, cram down, trustee's deeds, and new Bankruptcy Rule 3002.1.

Hot topics featured in the 12th Edition include:

  • Updated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulations resulting in Model Validation Notice.
  • Chapter 13 debt limits changed to $465,275 noncontingent, liquidated, unsecured debt and $1,395,875 noncontingent, liquidated, unsecured debt.
  • Small Business Reorganization Act created a new Subchapter V under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.
  • COVID-19 updates.

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The 11th Edition ISBN was ​9781522196495.

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Table of contents


A.  Obtain And Acknowledge Receipt Of Letter Of Instruction
B.  Learn Facts Of Case
C.  Consider Alternatives To Foreclosure

A.  Determine Need For Demand Letter
B.  Draft Complaint
C.  File Complaint
D.  File And Record Notice Of Lis Pendens
E.  Obtain Service Of Process
F.  Obtain Defaults
G.  Obtain Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney Ad litem, And Administrator Ad Litem (If
H.  File Motion For Final Judgment
I.  Review Possible Defenses
J.  Attorneys' Fees And Sanctions
K.  Defenses Not Raised
L.  Preparation For Final Hearing
M.  Obtain Final Judgment
N.  Proceed To Judicial Sale
O.  Obtain Certificates
P.  Obtain Writ Of Possession (If Necessary)
Q.  Guard Against Typical Procedural Errors
R.  Obtain Judgment For Deficiency
S.  Disburse Proceeds Of Sale
T.  Obtain Expedited Foreclosure (If Appropriate)
U.  Set Sale Aside (If Warranted)

A.  Introduction To Bankruptcy
B.  Bankruptcy Law And Procedure And The Courts
C.  Initial Appearance And CM/ECF
D.  Obtain Background Documents Or "Automatic Dismissal"
E.  File Proof Of Claim
F.  Obtain Relief From Automatic Stay
G.  Review Plan Treatment Of Mortgagee (When Applicable)
H.  "Surrendered" Property


§ 1.6.  FORMS
A.  Instruction Letter
B.  Sample Engagement Letter
C.  Mortgage Foreclosure Worksheet
D.  Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure
E.  Grantor's Estoppel/Solvency Affidavit
F.  Sample Forbearance Agreement
G.  Letter To Title Company Requesting Partial Abstract
H.  Complaint (When Location of Original Note is Known)
I.  Certification Of Possession
J.  Complaint (When Location of Original Note is Unknown)
K.  Affidavit Of Compliance (Lost Note Affidavit)
L.  Count For Receiver For Inclusion In Foreclosure Complaint
M.  Order Appointing Receiver
N.  Notice Of Lis Pendens
O.  Plaintiff's Affidavit Of Compliance With 28 U.S.C. § 2410
P.  Affidavit For Constructive Service
Q.  Notice Of Action
R.  Motion For Default
S.  Plaintiff's Motion For Appointment Of Attorney Ad Litem, Guardian Ad Litem, Or
      Administrator Ad Litem
T.  Order Appointing Attorney Ad Litem, Guardian Ad Litem, Or Administrator Ad Litem
U.  Oath Of Attorney Ad Litem, Guardian Ad Litem, Or Administrator Ad Litem
V.  Answer Of Attorney Ad Litem, Guardian Ad Litem, Or Administrator Ad Litem
W.  Plaintiff's Affidavit Of Defendant's Indebtedness
X.  Plaintiff's Affidavit As To Costs
Y.  Plaintiff's Affidavit Of Attorney's Time
Z.  Plaintiff's Affidavit Of Attorneys' Fees
AA.  Plaintiff's Affidavit Of Military Status
BB.  Motion For Summary Final Judgment
CC.  Final Judgment Of Foreclosure
DD.  Final Judgment Of Foreclosure For Re-Establishment Of Lost Note
EE.  Notice Of Sale
FF.  Motion To Cancel And Reschedule Foreclosure Sale
GG.  Certificate Of Sale
HH.  Certificate Of Title
II.  Certificate Of Disbursements
JJ.  Owner's Claim For Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus
KK.  Motion For Order To Show Cause For Entry Of Final Judgment
LL.  Order To Show Cause For Entry Of Final Judgment
MM.  Notice To All Occupants Pursuant To The Protecting Tenants At Foreclosure Act
NN.  Order To Show Cause For Order To Make Payments During Pendency Of
        Foreclosure Action Or To Vacate Premises
OO.  Notice Of Appearance And Request To Be Placed On Mailing Matrix
PP.  Letter To Trustee Regarding Estate Property
QQ.  Motion For Relief From Automatic Stay Or For Adequate Protection
RR.  Letter To Trustee Requesting Execution Of Consent
SS.  Trustee's Consent To Motion For Relief From Automatic Stay
TT.  Letter To Trustee Requesting Abandonment
UU.  Report And Notice Of Trustee's Intention To Abandon Property Of Estate
VV.  Affidavit Of Indebtedness
WW.  Order Granting Motion For Relief From Automatic Stay
XX.  Objection To Debtor’s Chapter 13 Plan