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Florida Dissolution of Marriage

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Print Book :1 volume, hardcover
12th Edition
ISBN: 9781632816849
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781632816856
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781632816856
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This publication details the dissolution process from interview through temporary relief and discovery to final judgment. Key areas covered include parental responsibility, child support, alimony, equitable distribution, and attorneys' fees. The publication includes forms and checklists.

Dissolution of Marriage, 12th Edition, highlights:

  • Update on references to rules of procedure, statutes, and case law, particularly regarding the impact of the updates to the Rules of Judicial Administration on family court cases.
  • Discusses and updates the rules and forms for electronic filing and service.
  • Updates federal tax code citations as well as monetary impact and references.
  • Updates current forms and adds new forms for practitioner usability.
  • Shares details regarding the representation of battered spouses, particularly pertaining to appropriate use of injunctions against repeat, dating, or sexual violence, and stalking.
  • Shares details regarding financial relief options available to clients, asset protection, and attorneys' fees.
  • Shares the impact of same sex relationships on annulment, child custody, and final judgments.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

1. Ethical Considerations In Family Law

2. Grounds For Dissolution And Effect Of Fault

3. Jurisdiction, Venue, And Service Of Process

4. Jurisdiction In Child Custody Cases

5. Pleadings

6. Temporary Relief

7. Discovery

8. Mediation

9. Settlement And Trial

10. Final Judgment

11. Parenting Plans, Parental Responsbility, And Time-Sharing

12. Child Support

13. Alimony

14. Equitable Distribution

15. Partition

16. Attorneys' Fees, Suit Money, And Costs

17. Annulment

18. Support Unconnected With Dissolution Of Marriage

19. Proceedings Before Magistrates And Support Enforcement Hearing Officers

20. Dissolution Of Marriage And Public Benefits

21. Representing Battered Spouses

22. Collaborative Family Law

23. Tax Consequences Of Dissolution, Separation, And Property Settlements