Florida Civil Procedure

THIRD EDITION! Revised and completely updated. ...
Publisher: Michie

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780327162353
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3rd Edition
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781579118723
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THIRD EDITION! Revised and completely updated.

Practical in focus and comprehensive in scope, Florida Civil Procedure, Third Edition analyzes the entire spectrum of civil procedure in Florida, providing busy practitioners with a convenient, completely up-to-date reference for every conceivable procedural problem they may encounter -- before, during, or after trial.

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Table of contents

Volume 1 
Ch 1 Actions; Pre-Filing Considerations
Ch 2 Rules of Procedure
Ch 3 Jurisdiction of the Subject Matter
Ch 4 Venue
Ch 5 Personal Jurisdiction
Ch 6 Service of Process
Ch 7 Pleadings and Motions
Ch 8 Counterclaims, Cross-claims and Third Party Practice
Ch 9 Amended and Supplementary Pleadings; Pretrial Procedure
Ch 10 Parties
Ch 11 Consolidation; Separate Trials
Ch 12 Discovery
Ch 13 Privileges
Ch 14 Depositions
Ch 15 Interrogatories
Volume 2
Ch 16 Requests For Production and Inspection
Ch 17 Physical and Mental Examinations
Ch 18 Requests for Admission
Ch 19 Failure to Make Discovery; Sanctions
Ch 20 Dismissal of Actions
Ch 21 Trials
Ch 22 Masters and Guardians Ad Litem
Ch 23 Defaults
Ch 24 Judgments and Post-Trial Motions
Ch 25 Enforcement of Judgments
Ch 26 Injunctions, Declaratory Actions and Extraordinary Remedies
Ch 27 Medical Malpractice
Ch 28 Arbitrations, Mediations and Appraisals
Ch 29 Disqualifications
Ch 30 Family Law Procedure
Ch 31 Appeals