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District of Columbia Court Rules Annotated

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Print Book :2 volumes, softbound, updated annually
2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522151456
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eBook :epub
2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522153566
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2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522153566
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LexisNexis, publisher of the District of Columbia Official Code, offers you the most comprehensive set of rules volumes available in the District. The two-volume set has been edited, annotated and indexed by the legal staff of LexisNexis; it is published in soft cover and eBook, is supplemented in the autumn, and is replaced annually. All changes and additions to the Rules, the official Comments and Notes, and the Forms are reflected in each year's edition and the annotations are reviewed and updated, providing the user with the most current and useful information.

This edition includes all of the rules of the local courts, as well as the local rules of federal courts in and for the District of Columbia. The Rules have been arranged according to the various divisions and branches of the courts. The Table of Contents in this edition contains a complete listing of all of the Rules. Each set of Rules contains its own table of contents and index. The Court Rules are intended to accompany the District of Columbia Code. The format and style of the Code has been adhered to as closely as possible for purposes of consistency and for the convenience of the users of the Rules.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Volume 1

•  Rules of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals

•  District of Columbia Bar Rules

•  Appendix A. Rules of Professional Conduct

•  Appendix B. Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts Program

•  Appendix C. Notice to the Bar

•  D.C. Bar Voluntary Standards for Civility in Professional Conduct

•  Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure

•  Appendix I - Model Interrogatories

•  Appendix II - Electronic Filing

•  Appendix III - Mandatory eFiling in Civil Division

•  Superior Court Civil Arbitration Program Rules

•  Superior Court Rules of Procedure for the Small Claims and Conciliation Branch

•  Superior Court Rules of Procedure for the Landlord and Tenant Branch

•  Superior Court Rules of Criminal Procedure

•  Rules Governing Proceedings Under D.C. Code ยง 23-110

•  Superior Court Crime Victims Compensation Program

•  Plan for Furnishing Representation to Indigents Under the District of Columbia Criminal Justice Act

Volume 2

•  General Rules of the Family Division

•  Appendix I - District of Columbia Superior Court Child Support Guideline

•  Rules Governing Domestic Relations Proceedings

•  Rules Governing Adoption Proceedings

•  Rules Governing Proceedings in the Domestic Violence Unit

•  Rules Governing Juvenile Proceedings

•  Appendix - Attorney Practice Standards

•  Rules Governing Neglect Proceedings

•  Superior Court Rules of Procedure for Mental Health

•  Superior Court Rules for Mental Retardation Proceedings

•  Superior Court Rules of the Probate Division

•  Appendix - General Information for Heirs and Legatees

•  Probate Forms for Estates of Decedents Dying on or after July 1, 1995

•  Rules of Practice and Procedure Before the Tax Division of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia

•  Appendix of Forms

•  Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and Corresponding Circuit Rules of the District of Columbia Circuit

•  Appendix I - Court of Appeals Fee Schedules

•  Appendix II - Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement

•  Appendix III - Appellate Mediation Program

•  Appendix IV - Administrative Order Regarding Electronic Filing

•  Appendix V - Plan to Implement the Criminal Justice Act of 1964

•  Handbook of Practice and Internal Procedures, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

•  U.S. District Court Rules for the District of Columbia Civil Rules

•  Appendix A - Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan

•  Appendix B - Dispute Resolution Programs

•  Appendix C - Clerk's Office General Information and Civil Filing Procedures

•  U.S. District Court Rules for the District of Columbia Criminal Rules

•  Administration of the Bankruptcy System

•  Local Rules for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia

•  Appendix A - Local Official Forms

•  Appendix B - Title VI - Administration of the Bankruptcy System

•  Appendix C - Standing Order

•  Appendix D - Administrative Procedures for CM/ECF

•  Appendix E - Order Terminating Interim Bankruptcy Rules