District of Columbia Official Code

The official version of the D.C. Code, commemorating the 40th year of Home Rule.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :Hardbound, 25 Volumes
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ISBN: 9780769864952
Publisher: Michie
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LexisNexis is pleased to offer the all-new District of Columbia Official Code, a complete set of integrated volumes now published under contract with the District of Columbia and commemorating 40 years of Home Rule. This is the only version of the District of Columbia Code that is reviewed and approved by the government of the District of Columbia, meaning that this is the definitive, authoritative Code you know you can trust.

In addition to the blackletter law, our expert legal-editorial team has included numerous research features designed with the practitioner in mind. Copious case annotations, Shepardized for accuracy and continued relevance, help you research with confidence. Other features include section references, effect of legislation notes, editor's notes, and a comprehensive index that helps you find what you need quickly.

Historical citations and corresponding amendment notes provide guidance on legislative currency, and print updates three times each year keep the Official Code fully up to date. The LexisNexis District of Columbia Advance Legislative Service, containing the latest session laws as they are passed and convenient tables showing you which Code sections are affected, can be used alongside the District of Columbia Official Code for nearly up-to-the-minute research. The Official Code is also available at Lexis+, bringing you the latest in electronic legal research.

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Table of contents

Volume 1

History of the District of Columbia Code

Acts Relating to Establishment and Governmental Organization of the District of Columbia

Acts Relating to Corporation of Georgetown

United States Constitution

Volume 2

Title 1: Government Organization (Chapters 1-6)

Volume 3

Title 1: Government Organization (Chapters 7-End)

Title 2: Government Administration (Chapters 1-5)

Volume 4

Title 2: Government Administration (Chapters 6-End)

Title 3: District of Columbia Boards and Commissions

Volume 5

Title 4: Public Care System

Title 5: Police, Firefighters, Medical Examiner and Forensic Services

Volume 6

Title 6: Housing and Building Restrictions

Title 7: Human Health Care and Safety

Volume 7

Title 8: Environmental and Animal Control and Protection

Title 9: Transportation Systems

Title 10: Parks, Public Buildings, Grounds and Space

Volume 8

Title 11: Organization and Jurisdiction of the Courts

Title 12: Right to Remedy

Title 13: Procedure Generally

Title 14: Proof

Title 15: Judgments and Executions; Fees and Costs

Volume 9

Title 16: Particular Actions, Proceedings and Matters

Volume 10

Title 17: Review

Title 18: Wills

Title 19: Descent, Distribution and Trusts

Title 20: Probate and Administration of Decedents' Estates

Title 21: Fiduciary Relations and Persons with Mental Illness

Volume 11

Title 22: Criminal Offenses and Penalties (Chapters 1-32)

Volume 12

Title 22: Criminal Offenses and Penalties (Chapters 33-End)

Title 23: Criminal Procedure

Title 24: Prisoners and Their Treatment

Volume 13

Title 25: Alcoholic Beverages

Title 26: Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Title 27: Civil Recovery by Merchants for Criminal Conduct

Title 28: Commercial Instruments and Transactions (Subtitle I, Articles 1-3)

Volume 14

Title 28: Commercial Instruments and Transactions (Subtitle I, Articles 4-End)

Volume 15

Title 28: Commercial Instruments and Transactions (Subtitle II)

Title 29: Business Organizations

Title 29A: Corporations [Repealed]

Title 30: Hotels and Lodging Houses

Title 31: Insurance and Securities (Chapters 1-9)

Volume 16

Title 31: Insurance and Securities (Chapters 10-End)

Volume 17

Title 32: Labor

Title 33: Partnerships [Repealed]

Title 34: Public Utilities

Volume 18

Title 35: Railroads and Other Carriers

Title 36: Trade Practices

Title 37: Weights, Measures and Markets

Title 38: Educational Institutions

Title 39: Libraries and Cultural Institutions

Title 40: Liens

Title 41: Personal Property

Volume 19

Title 42: Real Property

Volume 20

Title 43: Cemeteries and Crematories

Title 44: Charitable and Curative Institutions

Title 45: Compilation and Construction of Code

Title 46: Domestic Relations

Volume 21

Title 47: Taxation, Licensing, Permits, Assessments and Fees (Chapters 1-17)

Volume 21A

Title 47: Taxation, Licensing, Permits, Assessments and Fees (Chapters 18-End)

Volume 22

Title 48: Food and Drugs

Title 49: Military

Volume 22A

Title 50: Motor and Non-Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Title 51: Social Security

Volume 23