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Defense of Speeding, Reckless Driving and Vehicular Homicide

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ISBN: 9780820511047
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The law, technical knowledge and litigation techniques required to successfully defend a speeding, reckless driving, or vehicular homicide case.

Written by experts, this work features:
•  Step-by-step defense procedures, from pretrial preparation through trial, including discovery, motions to suppress, and jury instructions
•  Complete analysis of speed detection methods
•  Examination of statutes and case holdings--national in scope, with state variations
•  Sample direct and cross-examinations of witnesses and defendants
•  Accident reconstruction, including the use of Human Factors experts
•  Driver's license suspension and revocation.

First published in 1984.

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Table of Contents


PART I Speeding

CHAPTER 1 Elements of Speeding Offense

CHAPTER 2 Introduction to Speed Enforcement

CHAPTER 3 Time-Distance Speed Measurement

CHAPTER 4 Time-Distance Measurement Practices

CHAPTER 5 Police Traffic Radar Speed Measurement Principles

CHAPTER 6 Features and Characteristics of Radar Speed Measuring Devices

CHAPTER 7 Radar Equipment Setup and Usage

CHAPTER 8 Radar Speed Measurement Standards

CHAPTER 8a Multi-Directional Radar

CHAPTER 9 Non-Radar Proof of Speeding

CHAPTER 9a Laser Speed Measurement

CHAPTER 10 Legal Aspects of Police Radar

CHAPTER 10a Training of Police Radar Operators

CHAPTER 10b Training of Police Lidar Operators

CHAPTER 11 Pretrial Preparation of a Speeding Case

CHAPTER 11a Use of a Radar Expert in a Speeding Case

CHAPTER 12 Trial of a Speeding Case

CHAPTER 12a Administrative Hearings in Radar Speed Cases

PART II Reckless Driving

CHAPTER 13 Elements of Reckless Driving

CHAPTER 14 Pretrial Preparation of a Reckless Driving Case

CHAPTER 15 Trial of a Reckless Driving Case


PART III Vehicular Homicide

CHAPTER 16 Elements of Vehicular Homicide

CHAPTER 17 Pretrial Preparation of a Vehicular Homicide Case

CHAPTER 18 Trial Considerations in a Vehicular Homicide Case

CHAPTER 19 Jury Selection in a Vehicular Homicide Case

CHAPTER 20 Trial of a Vehicular Homicide Case

CHAPTER 21 Alcohol-Related Vehicular Homicide

PART IV Discovery and Motions to Suppress

CHAPTER 22 Discovery

CHAPTER 23 Suppression Motions

PART V Jury Instructions

CHAPTER 24 Jury Instructions

PART VI Loss of License--Suspension and Revocation

CHAPTER 25 Loss of License--Suspension and Revocation

CHAPTERS 26-27 Reserved


PART VII Specialized Experts

CHAPTER 28 Accident Reconstruction

CHAPTER 29 Human Factors in Automobile Accidents

CHAPTER 30 Highway Layout and Traffic Control

CHAPTERS 31-34 Reserved

PART VIII Criminal Procedure Law

CHAPTER 35 Arrest Without a Warrant

CHAPTERS 36-37 Reserved

CHAPTER 38 Confessions

CHAPTER 39 Identification Evidence

CHAPTER 40 Evidence