Construction Law & Construction Law Digest

The definitive treatise for lawyers who prepare construction contracts or litigate construction disputes.
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ISBN: 9780820511092
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Construction Law will help you:

•  Negotiate construction contracts among the owner, architect, engineer, contractors, and subcontractors, even for the most complex project
•  Effectively represent any of the parties to a construction contract
•  Enforce your client's rights under the construction contract
•  Establish liability under the contract for delay and cost overruns, negligence, fraud, and misrepresentation, as well as for all kinds of breaches (including anticipatory breach and breach of implied warranties)
•  Obtain the proper remedy for your client, including compensatory, punitive, and consequential damages; specific performance; rescission and restitution; reformation; attorneys' fees; and interest
•  Interpret industry-standard documents, such as owner-contractor, owner-architect, and architect-consultant Agreements

Construction Law's clear, concise coverage of every facet of construction law provides you with the legal analysis and practical information you need to handle any legal issue arising from a construction project. You'll find coverage of topics such as copyright protection, arbitration, and bankruptcy, with detailed synopses at the beginning of each chapter. Logically organized to follow a construction project from beginning to end, Construction Law helps you anticipate and avoid problems for your client.

The most comprehensive and authoritative treatise on the subject, Construction Law is essential for any lawyer who prepares construction contracts or litigates construction disputes. You receive expert guidance on handling every aspect of the construction process, from the initial drafting and performance of the subsequent claims, disputes, and litigation. Use the scores of sample forms, contracts, and agreements to successfully represent any client involved in a construction project.

Your subscription to Construction Law includes the AIA Legal Citator -- the only citator officially sanctioned by the American Institute of Architects. You will also receive Construction Law Digest, published monthly to keep you abreast of the latest court decisions and complement Construction Law with perspective on how current decisions impact your case.

With this combination of resources, you have everything you need for comprehensive and current information -- at one affordable price!

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Preliminary Considerations 

Appendix A State By State Summary Of Construction Industry Professional Licensing Statutes

Chapter 2 Bidding, Bid Errors, Relief From Bids

Chapter 3 Construction and Design Contracts

Appendix B State By State Summary Of Construction Industry Statutes Of Limitations And Repose

Chapter 3A Compensation Arrangements in Design and Construction Agreements

Chapter 4 Modification and Termination of Construction Contracts

Chapter 5 Owner's Duties and Responsibilities

Appendices To Chapter 5

Chapter 5A Architect's Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter 5B Contractor's and Construction Manager's Rights and Duties

Chapter 6 Timeliness of Performance

Chapter 7 Payment

Appendices To Chapter 7

Chapter 8 Documenting and Presenting Construction Claims

Chapter 9 Construction Lien Law

J State-by-State Lien and Bond Claim Summary

Chapter 10 Workers' Injuries

Chapter 11 Remedies and Damages

Chapter 12 Arbitration

Appendices To Chapter 12 Arbitration Acts; Arbitration And Mediation Rules

Important Notice


Regular Track Procedures

A General and Introductory Rules

B Rules with Respect to The Tribunal

C Rules with Respect to the Conduct of the Appeal

D Miscellaneous Rules

Chapter 13 Risk Management and Indemnity

Chapter 14 Construction Financing, Banking and Loans

Chapter 15 Government Contracting and Regulation

Chapter 16 Bankruptcy

Chapter 17 Construction Bonds

Chapter 18 Warranties

Chapter 19 Labor Relations

Chapter 20 Intellectual Property--Protection of the Design

Chapter 21 Globalization of Construction--Evolving International Standards of Construction Law

Appendix 21 Appendices

Chapter 22 International Privatization

Chapter 23 Resolution of Disputes Arising Out of International Construction Projects

Parts 1-4 Appendix Of Forms

Chapter 1-1 How To Use The Citator

Chapter A Owner-Contractor Documents

Chapter B Owner-Architect Documents

Chapter C Architect-Consultant Documents

Chapter CASES1 Cases

Chapter CASES2 Cases