Occupational Injuries and Illnesses: AMA Guides Handbook

State by state case summaries and 50 state survey chart
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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2023 Edition
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ISBN: 9781663365095
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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This volume on the AMA Guides is intended to help attorneys, claims adjusters, and other personnel apply the AMA Guides to individual cases. Because most insurance law and workers ' compensation law is statutorily-derived and cases are adjudicated at the state level, it is important to be familiar with the impairment rating system used in each practitioner 's state. States have different philosophies, public policies, and laws regarding the use and application of the AMA Guides to individual claims administered in that state. To that end, this Volume attempts to capture court cases that have addressed the use of the AMA Guides methodology and impairment rating system, specific to each state.

This volume consists of two sections. Part A begins with a background on the AMA Guides and then moves into a state -by -state analysis where use of the AMA Guides is required by statute. The title of each state chapter signals which edition of the AMA Guides is currently used in that state. Each state chapter begins with a “Quick Guide” to explain the law related to the use of the AMA Guides in that state. The other sections of the state chapters contain summaries of key cases that interpret the AMA Guides. Each case summary provides: (1) the procedural posture of the case; (2) an overview of the facts of the case; (3) the outcome of the case; and (4) AMA Guides discussion.

Part B consists of tables and charts. These practice aids include a 50 -state survey explaining the state -by- state use of the AMA Guides, a table of frequently used terms, and a table of common acronyms. The List of Issues and Citations indexes key topics with cross -references to cases broken down by jurisdiction. The medications chart is arranged by brand and chemical names.

The 2022 edition ISBN is 9781663341310.


Table of contents

A. Background and Case Summaries
Ch. 100 Overview and Background of AMA Guides
Ch. 101 Alabama—AMA Guides Fourth Edition
Ch. 102 Alaska—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 103 Arizona—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 104 Arkansas—AMA Guides Fourth Edition
Ch. 105 California—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 106 Colorado—AMA Guides Third Edition Revised
Ch. 107 Georgia—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 108 Hawaii—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 109 Illinois—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 110 Iowa—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 111 Kansas—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 112 Kentucky—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 113 Louisiana—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 114 Maine—AMA Guides Fourth Edition
Ch. 115 Maryland—AMA Guides Fourth Edition
Ch. 116 Massachusetts—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 117 Montana—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 118 Nevada—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 119 New Hampshire—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 120 New Mexico—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 121 North Dakota—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 122 Oklahoma—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 123 Oregon—AMA Guides Third Edition Revised Edition
Ch. 124 Pennsylvania—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 125 Rhode Island—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 126 South Dakota—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 127 Tennessee—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 128 Texas—AMA Guides Fourth Edition
Ch. 129 Vermont—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 130 Washington—AMA Guides Fifth Edition
Ch. 131 West Virginia—AMA Guides Fourth Edition
Ch. 132 Wyoming—AMA Guides Sixth Edition
Ch. 133 United States—AMA Guides Sixth Edition

B. Tables and Charts
Table 1 State-by-State Use of AMA Guides
Table 2 AMA Guides—Frequently Used Terms
Table 3 AMA Guides—Common Acronyms
Table 4 List of Issues With Citations
Table 5 Medications: Brand and Chemical Names