Checks, Drafts and Notes

This publication features exhaustive coverage of the law of checks and negotiable instruments.

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Print Book:3 volumes; looseleaf; updated with revisions.
ISBN: 9780820510743
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ISBN: 9781579112325
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Exhaustive coverage of the law of checks and negotiable instruments. Topics addressed include:

•  Signature requirements
•  Transfer and negotiation
•  Holders in due course
•  Contract of the parties
•  Liabilities and defenses
•  Overdrafts
•  Regulation CC

Focusing on negotiable instruments, this resource contains author insight on the most recent case law on UCC Articles 3 and 4.

Also published as Volumes 5, 6 and 6A of Banking Law.

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Table of contents

Part V-VI CHECKS, DRAFTS AND NOTES (Derived from Banking Law) 
Chapter 111 Introduction to U.C.C. Articles 3 and 4
Chapter 112 Characteristics of Checks and Other Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 113 Issue and Delivery
Chapter 114 Signature Requirement
Chapter 115 Transfer and Negotiation
Chapter 116 Holder in Due Course: General Principles
Chapter 117 Holder in Due Course: Good Faith and Notice
Chapter 118 Holder in Due Course: Defenses
Chapter 119 Holders in Due Course in Consumer Transactions
Chapter 120 Contract of the Parties
Chapter 121 Discharge
Chapter 122 Presentment and Dishonor
Chapter 123 Certification
Chapter 124 Unauthorized Signatures and Alterations
Chapter 125 Overdrafts
Chapter 126 Warranties of the Parties
Chapter 127 Liabilities: Drawee Bank
Chapter 128 Liabilities: Depository and Collecting Bank
Chapter 129 Liability of Drawee and Depositary Banks: Double Forgeries--Signature and Endorsement
Chapter 130 Bank Defenses: Impostors and Fictitious Payees
Chapter 131 Bank Defenses: Contributory Negligence
Chapter 132 Bank Defenses: Customer's Duty to Examine Statements
Chapter 133 Stop Payments
Chapter 134 Bank Collections
Chapter 135 Payment of Items

Chapter 136 Insolvent Banks, Stale Checks, Death and Incompetence
Chapter 137 Wrongful Dishonor
Chapter 138 Collecting Banks: Duties, Liabilities, and Responsibilities
Chapters 139-149 [Reserved]