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California Public Sector Labor Relations brings you the authoritative, comprehensive guidance you need to answer most any question related to public sector labor relations in California in one convenient resource. This comprehensive treatise provides labor attorneys, public sector employee organizations, public sector human resource personnel, and state and local public agency managers with an expert analysis of the statutes, case law, regulations, procedure, and agency decisions -- including PERB -- governing public sector labor relations in California. This single volume offers broad coverage of the employer-employee relationship at all levels: state and local government, public school, community college, and state university. It also provides detailed information on:

•  Collective bargaining and organizational rights of public employees
•  The public employer's duty to bargain
•  The rights and duties of public employee unions
•  Strikes and other concerted activities
•  Enforcement of public sector collective bargaining agreements
•  Enforcement of public sector labor laws by PERB
•  Discipline, discharge and layoffs

California Public Sector Labor Relations gives practitioners a wealth of insight and expertise accumulated from over 60 authors and editors. This essential work also includes up-to-date integration of case law and statutory developments, and close tracking of regulatory developments.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Historical Development of California's Public Sector Labor Relations Law

Chapter 2 Overview of Public Sector Labor Relations Statutes

Chapter 3 The Public Employment Relations Board

Chapter 4 Employers, Employees, and Organizations Covered by the Labor Relations Statutes

Chapter 5 Representation and Recognition under EERA, the Dills Act, and HEERA

Chapter 6 Representation and Recognition under the MMBA, TCEPGA, TCIELRA, and Excluded Employees Bill of Rights

Chapter 7 Representation and Recognition in Transit Districts

Chapters 8-9 RESERVED

Chapter 10 Duty to Bargain

Chapter 11 Scope of Bargaining

Chapter 12 Impasse Resolution

Chapter 13 Public Notice

Chapter 14 RESERVED

Chapter 15 Protected Employee Rights and Activities under Public Sector Labor Relations Statutes

Chapter 16 Discipline and Discharge of Public Employees

Chapter 17 Layoffs

Chapters 18-24 RESERVED

Chapter 25 Strikes and Other Concerted Activities

Chapter 26 Employer Responses to Strikes and Other Concerted Activities

Chapters 27-29 RESERVED

Chapter 30 Employee Organizational Rights

Chapter 31 Organizational Security and Financial Disclosure

Chapter 32 The Duty of Fair Representation

Chapters 33-34 RESERVED

Chapter 35 Enforcement

Chapter 36 Accommodating the Arbitration Process: Limits on PERB's Jurisdiction

Chapters 37-39 RESERVED

Chapter 40 PERB's Jurisdiction

Chapter 41 Practice and Procedure in PERB Unfair Practice Cases

Chapter 42 PERB Orders and Remedies

Chapter 43 Judicial Review and Enforcement of PERB Orders

Table of Cases