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ISBN: 9781422479841
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This must-have resource comprehensively covers the many legal issues that particularly affect California public sector agencies and their officers and employees. Written and edited by an outstanding team of skilled experts who are members of The State Bar of California's Labor and Employment Law Section, the book is divided into four parts:

  • 1) The Hiring Process;
  • 2) Wage and Hour Laws;
  • 3) Public Sector Employee Rights, Obligations and Protections; and
  • 4) Public Agency Rights, Obligations and Liabilities.

    Within these main categories, many subjects are unique to the public sector, such as retirement, due process, conflicts of interest, free speech, contracting out governmental services, open meeting laws, political activities, and public safety employees. Other subjects, such as wage and hour law, leaves of absence, hiring, privacy rights, and various litigation issues, cover areas that affect both the public and private sectors. Although issues that apply to the private sector are covered, the emphasis in this book is on the unique issues that affect the public sector.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Hiring

    Chapter 2: The Labor Code and the Public Sector

    Chapter 3: The Fair Labor Standards Act

    Chapter 4: Leaves of Absence

    Chapter 5: Privacy Rights

    Chapter 6: Political Activities of Public Employees

    Chapter 7: Discipline and Discharge in the Public Sector

    Chapter 8: The Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act

    Chapter 9: Pensions and Retirement

    Chapter 10: Conflict of Interest; Ethics

    Chapter 11: Open Meeting Laws

    Chapter 12: Duties of Public Employers under the California Public Records Act

    Chapter 13: Contracting Out and Other Forms of Removal of Governmental Services   

    Chapter 14: The Government Claims Act and Overview of Liability and Immunity Issues for Public Entities and Public Employees