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California Legal Secretary

A complete and comprehensive guide to California legal procedures, this book provides in-depth coverage of eight practice areas: civil litigation, federal proceedings, family, real property, corporations, landlord/tenant, and wills and probate.
Publisher: James Publishing

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California Legal Secretary

Filing procedures are seldom found in either traditional practice guides, or on the Web. Colleagues with experience in the area may be unavailable. Courts clerks are hard to reach.

When you need ready and reliable answers to procedure questions, turn to Marlene Hazlewood's California Legal Secretary. Written specifically for those who have to quickly prepare and file legal documents, California Legal Secretary contains:

•   Concise statements of procedure
•   Completed forms
•   Detailed completion and filing instructions

Hundreds of attorneys and paralegals own and rely on California Legal Secretary. They use the book to quickly find the specific nuts and bolts how-to information that is seldom found in traditional practice guides. Here, in one affordable book, are detailed procedures and model forms to speed and simplify your court filings and transactions:

1. Detailed procedures

Dozens of procedure checklists are provided, each cross-referenced to the applicable forms. You receive specific, step-by-step instructions:

•   Content and format of pleadings, discovery documents, motions and briefs
•   How to file all types of forms
•   Service requirements
•   Deadlines and fees

2. Model forms

Hundreds of completed forms are supplied – in both print and digital formats – for the most common types of litigation and transactions:

•   California and federal civil litigation
•   Family law
•   Real property
•   Corporations
•   Landlord/tenant
•   Wills and probate

Hundreds of Step-by-Step Guidelines

Written in plain English, with no confusing statutory language or legalese, the instructions are given in quick-reading outline format with no extra law to wade through—only the rules and procedures you need. The forms are completed so you know what to place where, and memory-prodding checklists keep you from omitting any key steps. California Legal Secretary will help you to:

•   File suit against a public entity
•   Commence an unlawful detainer action
•   Execute disclosure and discovery documents
•   Commence workers' compensation proceedings
•   And much, much more!

For a complete and comprehensive guide to California legal procedures, turn to California Legal Secretary. Find definitions, background information, step-by-step guidelines, statement of procedure and plenty of sample forms to help you file documents correctly the first time.