California Criminal Defense Practice

The best comprehensive coverage available of California criminal law and procedure.

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Loose-Leaf:7 volumes - Loose-leaf updated with revisions
ISBN: 9780820511719
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Takes you step-by-step through every part of a criminal case, from arrest and searches, through preliminary hearings, pretrial procedures, trial preparation, trial, sentencing and post-trial remedies. It offers the most comprehensive coverage of California criminal law and procedure available. Topics covered include: confession; incompetency and insanity proceedings, death penalty practice; "three strikes" sentencing: appeals and habeas corpus proceedings; murder; robbery; narcotics and alcohol offenses; sex offenses and burglary.

Beyond in breadth of coverage, California Criminal Defense Practice also offers unparalleled substantive analysis with case winning strategies and procedural guidance. With coverage of both adult and juvenile prosecutions, it also features:

•   Outlines for defense organization
•   Illustrative filled-in forms for every stage of your case
•   Step-by-step checklists for efficient evaluation of problems and review of procedures
•   Section summaries and chapter lists of significant issues and remedies

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Table of contents

Division I Criminal Justice System 

Chapter 1 The California Defense Advocate

Chapter 2 Criminal Jurisdiction Of State Courts

Chapters 3-9 [Reserved]

Division II Arrest & Release

Chapter 10 Investigative Detention

Chapter 11 Arrest

Chapter 12 Bail

Chapter 13 Extradition

Chapters 14-19 [Reserved]

Division III Search & Seizure

Chapter 20 Principles Of Search And Seizure

Chapter 21 Search Warrants

Chapter 22 Warrantless Searches

Chapter 23 Search And Seizure Motions

Chapters 24-29 [Reserved]

Division IV Confessions & Identification

Chapter 30 Confessions And Admissions

Chapter 31 Eyewitness Identification

Chapters 32-39 [Reserved]

Division V Preliminary Hearing Through Arraignment

Chapter 40 Accusatory Pleadings

Chapter 41 Preliminary Hearings

Chapter 42 Arraignment, Pleas, And Plea Bargaining

Chapters 43-49 [Reserved]

Division VI Pretrial Procedures

Chapter 50 Setting Aside Accusatory Pleadings

Chapter 51 Deferred Entry Of Judgment, Diversion, And Dismissal In Interest Of Justice

Chapter 52 Joinder And Severance

Chapters 53-59 [Reserved]

Division VII Pretrial Motions & Writs

Chapter 60 Disqualification Of Judge Or Counsel

Chapter 61 Venue

Chapter 62 Speedy Trial

Chapter 63 Double Jeopardy

Chapter 64 Suspension Of Criminal Proceedings

Chapters 65-69 [Reserved]

Division VIII Trial Preparation

Chapter 70 Discovery And Investigation

Chapter 71 Scientific And Expert Evidence

Chapter 72 Preparing For Trial

Chapter 73 Defenses And Justifications

Chapters 74-79 [Reserved]

Division IX Trial

Chapter 80 Defendant's Trial Rights

Chapter 81 Jury Selection And Opening Statement

Chapter 82 Witnesses

Chapter 83 Evidence

Chapter 84 Motions At Trial

Chapter 85 Submission To Jury And Verdict

Chapter 86 Insanity Trial

Chapter 87 Death Penalty

Chapters 88-89 [Reserved]

Division X Sentencing & Probation

Chapter 90 Probation

Chapter 91 Sentencing

Chapter 92 Special Disposition Proceedings

Chapter 93 Disabilities Flowing From Conviction

Chapter 94 Prisoners' Rights

Chapters 95-99 [Reserved]

Division XI Posttrial Remedies

Chapter 100 Motions In Trial Court

Chapter 101 Appeal

Chapter 102 Extraordinary Writs

Chapter 103

Chapter 104 Parole

Chapter 105 Executive Clemency

Chapters 106-119 [Reserved]

Division XII Juvenile Practice

Chapter 120 The Juvenile Court System

Chapter 121 Commencement Of The Process

Chapter 122 Detention Hearing

Chapter 123 Fitness Hearing

Chapter 124 Jurisdiction And Disposition Hearings

Chapter 125 Postdisposition Proceedings

Chapters 126-139 [Reserved]

Division XIII Crimes

Chapter 140 Challenges To Crimes

Chapter 141 Conspiracy, Solicitation, And Attempt

Chapter 142 Crimes Against The Person

Chapter 143 Crimes Against Property

Chapter 144 Crimes Against Order

Chapter 145 Narcotics And Alcohol Offenses