Business Crime: Criminal Liability of the Business Community

The most complete guide to the many criminal questions that can arise in modern business practice.

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The most complete guide to the many criminal questions that can arise in modern business practice. Provides how-to guidance for: setting up compliance programs to prevent corporate liability; effectively conducting internal corporate investigations, and parallel administrative, civil and criminal proceedings.

Also included are:

•  Authoritative discussions of substantive law, including comprehensive coverage of insider trading and fraud against the government
•  The tactical and case law information you need for grand jury representation or monitoring criminal counsel
•  Forms covering every area and stage of business crime practice

Also includes Business Crime Commentary, a bi-monthly reporter providing a lead article addressing business crime issues and annotations of recent cases impacting on the practice of business crime counsel.

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Table of contents

Volume 1

CH- 1 Grand Jury Practice

  Appendix-CH- 1

CH- 2 Parallel Civil and Criminal Proceedings

  Appendix-CH- 2

CH- 3 Trial Preparation; Problems of Investigation and Representation

  Appendix-CH- 3

CH- 4 Pretrial Motions Directed at Indictment

  Appendix-CH- 4

CH- 4A Searches and Seizures in the Business Crimes Context

  Appendix-CH- 4A

CH- 4B Motions Directed At Discovery Special Alert Scope

Volume 2

CH- 5 Guilty Pleas and Plea Bargaining

  Appendix-CH- 5

CH- 6 Internal Corporate Investigations

  Appendix-CH- 6

CH- 6A Preventing Corporate Criminal Liability

  Appendix-CH- 6A

CH- 7 Jury Selection

  Appendix-CH- 7

CH- 8 Opening Statements

  Appendix-CH- 8

CH- 9 Direct Examination

  Appendix-CH- 9

Volume 3

CH- 10 Cross-Examination

  Appendix-CH- 10

CH- 11 Motion for Judgment of Acquittal

  Appendix-CH- 11

CH- 12 Closing Argument

  Appendix-CH- 12

Volume 4

CH- 13 Jury Instructions

  Appendix-CH- 13

CH- 14 Federal Sentencing Guidelines

  Appendix-CH- 14

CH- 14A Federal Forfeiture

CH- 15 Appellate Practice

  Appendix-CH- 15

CH- 16 Strict and Vicarious Liability

  Appendix-CH- 16

CH- 17 Securities Fraud

  Appendix-CH- 17

CH- 18 The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

 Appendix-CH- 18

Volume 5

CH- 18A Corporate Criminal Responsibility - Conducting an Internal Investigation

CH- 19 Criminal Antitrust

  Appendix-CH- 19

CH- 20 Bank Fraud

CH- 20A Monetary Transactions and Money Laundering

  Appendix-CH- 20A

CH- 21 Customs Fraud

  Appendix-CH- 21

CH- 22 Commercial Bribery

  Appendix-CH- 22

CH- 23 The Hobbs and Travel Acts

  Appendix-CH- 23

CH- 24 Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act Of 1970 “Rico’

  Appendix-CH- 24

CH- 25 Federal Labor Law Violations

  Appendix-CH- 25

CH- 26 Fraud in the Health Care Industry

  Appendix-CH- 26

CH- 27 Tax Fraud

  Appendix-CH- 27

Volume 6

CH- 28 Commercial Espionage

  Appendix-CH- 28

CH- 29 Occupational Safety and Health Act Violations

  Appendix-CH- 29

CH- 30 Federal Food and Drug Violations

  Appendix-CH- 30

CH- 31 Environmental Law Violations

  Appendix-CH- 31

CH- 32 Mail and Wire Fraud

 Appendix-CH- 32

CH- 33 Consumer Fraud

  Appendix-CH- 33

CH- 34 Bankruptcy Fraud

  Appendix-CH- 34

CH- 35 18 U.S.C. 1001: The General False Statements Statute

  Appendix-CH- 35

CH- 36 Insurance Fraud

 Appendix-CH- 36

CH- 37 Representing the Controversial Defendant

  Appendix-CH- 37

CH- 38 Representing Businesses Abroad: Jurisdiction and Extradition

  Appendix-CH- 38

CH- 38A Representing Businesses Abroad: The Bank Records and Foreign Transaction Act

  Appendix-CH- 38A

CH- 38B Representing Businesses Abroad: Arrest and Conviction in Foreign Lands

  Appendix-CH- 38B

CH- 39 Computer and High Technology Crimes