Statutory Interpretation: Principles and Context (eBook)

A clear and accessible guide to the principles of statutory interpretation.

Published: 30 October, 2020

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9780409352313
Statutory interpretation has become the most important aspect of legal practice in Australia today, with many areas of law determined solely by statute. A strong understanding of the law and principles of statutory interpretation is essential for studying and practising law. This text provides readers with an up-to-date analysis on the process and principles of statutory interpretation in Australia, together with a discussion on the Australian legislative process and how legislation operates. The clear and accessible commentary guides readers through the modern approach to statutory interpretation, the role of the Acts Interpretation Acts and the main common law guides, rules and presumptions that assist the courts with interpreting legislation. The authors explain the use of extrinsic materials in the interpretation process, and cover the specific rules relating to remedial, penal and fiscal provisions in legislation. The discussion also includes the application of statutory interpretation to the Australian Constitution, to private law instruments such as contracts, deeds, wills and trusts, and in international law. The making and interpretation of delegated legislation is also covered. A chapter on researching legislation provides context to the practical application of legislation in solving legal problems. Features • clear explanations of key principles • plentiful examples • engaging discussion of traditionally challenging area • explains how legislation is made • aligned with LACC learning outcomes on statutory interpretation • lecturer support materials available on Lexis Learning Related Titles • Hall & Macken, LexisNexis Guides: Legislation and Statutory Interpretation, 5th ed, 2021 • Pearce, Statutory Interpretation in Australia, 9th ed, 2019 • Pearce, Interpretation Acts in Australia, 2018

1. Statutory Interpretation Explained

2. The Legislative Process: Statutes

3. General Interpretive Principles

4. Aids to Statutory Interpretation I

5. Aids to Statutory Interpretation II: Extrinsic Materials

6. Interpreting Remedial, Penal and Fiscal Provisions in Legislation

7. Interpreting Non-Legislative Instruments and International Law

8. Delegated Legislation: Process and Interpretation

9. Researching Legislation

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