Law in Commerce, 7th edition (eBook)

A practical, easy-to-understand teaching and learning resource for undergraduate business law Law in Commerce.

Published: 03 August, 2020

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9780409351828
Law in Commerce 7th edition is a practical, easy-to-understand and useful teaching and learning resource designed specifically for undergraduate students enrolled in an introductory course on business law. Published by a global leader in legal content, it is a holistic teaching and learning resource that enables different methods of course delivery through integrated print and digital learning resources. Whether the course is delivered face-to-face, in flipped classrooms, or blended environments, Law in Commerce provides the flexibility that enables universities to teach business law in a manner that works best for them. Features • Published by a global leader in legal information solutions • Enables flexible modes of course delivery through an integrated package of print and digital resources • Accessible content Related Titles • Fitzpatrick, Symes, Veljanovski & Parker, Business and Corporations Law 4e • Gooley, Zammit, Dicker & Russell, Corporations and Associations Law: Principles and Issues 7th ed • Graw, Parker, Whitford, Sangkuhl & Do, Understanding Business Law 9th Edition

1. Law and The Australian Legal System

2. Liability for Defective Products

3. Misrepresentation and Unconscionable ­Conduct: Upholding the Basic Norms Of Commercial Conduct

4. Making the Contract: Offer and Acceptance

5. Making the Contract: Intention and Consideration

6. Express Terms of The Contract

7. Implied Terms in Contracts

8. Remedies in Contract Cases

9. Consumers’ Rights and The Supply of Goods and Services

10. Agency

11. Partnerships

12. Introduction to ­Company Law

13. Duties of Company Directors and Other Officers

14. Introduction to Trusts

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