Lam On Construction Claims in Malaysia

This book is suitable for all stakeholders in the construction industry, especially employers, contractors, construction professionals and construction law practitioners.

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Construction claims disputes often involve complex issues due to the nature of construction works as well as the involvement of many different stakeholders in a construction project. Whilst parties’ primary priority is to complete the project on time, there is almost no perfect execution of a project in accordance with the intent and objective of what the parties contracted for. Invariably the parties will encounter some form of disputes, be it in relation to delays in the work progress, breach of contractual terms and duties leading to termination, claims for variation works and/or loss and expense. This book aims to serve as a practical guide to those who find themselves bringing or defending a construction claim arising from construction projects.


  • An easy-to-read guide to all stakeholders in the construction industry to deal with different types of claims that commonly arise from a construction project.
  • Current legal developments and trends relating to the law and practice in construction claims.
  • Practical tips and information are included on how to deal with specific construction claims issues.