Focus Torts, 9th edition (eBook)

A succinct, authoritative and accessible introduction to Australian torts law.

Published: 30 November, 2020

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9780409351477
The ninth edition of Focus: Torts assists students to develop a greater understanding of torts by identifying and explaining key areas of study. The authors use a straightforward, structured approach to help demystify even the most complex of legal concepts. Both common law principles and Australian statutory regimes are covered extensively, providing a detailed account of similarities and differences across all Australian jurisdictions. The text has a particular emphasis on problem solving, providing the reader with numerous opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and to practise answering legal problem questions. This edition incorporates recent case law and legislative changes and includes updated guided answers to many problem questions. New cases explored in this new edition include: Armstrong v McIntosh (No 4) Bevan v Coolahan Binsaris v Northern Territory Boxell v Peninsula Health Corporation of Synod of Diocese of Brisbane v Greenway Gill v Ethicon Sàrl (No 5) Kempsey Shire Council v Five Star Medical Centre Pty Ltd Latz v Amaca Pty Ltd Meyers v Commissioner for Social Housing New South Wales v Le Optus Administration Pty Ltd v Wright Sell Your Gold Pty Ltd v Australian Diamond Trading Corp Pty Ltd Sills v New South Wales Sparks v Hobson Sydney Local Health District v Gould Trkulja v Google LLC Features Succinct and accessible discussion of key tort law principles User-friendly design and strong pedagogic features Comprehensive coverage of all Australian jurisdictions Timesaving online support for lecturers Related Titles Clarke, Torts: Principles, Skills & Application, 2019 Foster, Torts Cases and Commentary Supplement: Defamation and Wrongful Interference with Goods, 2nd ed, 2019 Howe, Walsh & Rooney, LexisNexis Study Guide: Torts, 3rd ed, 2016 Luntz, Hambly, Burns, Dietrich, Foster, Grant & Harder, Torts: Cases and Commentary, 8th ed, 2017 Paine, LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Torts, 5th ed, 2019

1. Introduction

2. Overview of Negligence

3. Standard of Care

4. Causation: Factual Causation and Scope of Liability

5. Duty of Care: Basic Concepts

6. ‘Affirmative Action’: The Duty to Act

7. Liability of Public Authorities

8. Economic Loss

9. Mental Harm

10. Defence: Contributory Negligence

11. Other Defences and Special Protection

12. Assessment of Damages for Personal Injuries

13. Breach of Statutory Duty

14. Loss Distribution Mechanisms: Vicarious Liability, Non-Delegable Duties, Contribution between Tortfeasors and Proportionate Liability

15. Nuisance

16. Trespass to the Person

17. Trespass to Land

18. Intentional Torts Relating to Goods

19. Defences to and Remedies for Intentional Torts

20. Defamation

21. Revision

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