The Hong Kong Corporate Insolvency Manual - Fourth Edition

Author: Charles Booth, ELG Tyler, Ludwig Ng, Terry Kan

The leading resource for legal and accounting professionals practicing corporate insolvency.

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Publication Date: April 2018

Publisher: LexisNexis

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The Hong Kong Corporate Insolvency Manual started in 2000 as the course material for the corporate insolvency part of the then Hong Kong Society of Accountants’ Diploma in Insolvency course and has since over three editions developed into a leading resource for accounting and legal professionals in Hong Kong working in the field.

The authors have maintained a practical approach, drawing upon illustrations from Hong Kong practice and providing checklists to assist professionals handling the day to day administration of insolvencies.

The Fourth Edition of the Manual is published by LexisNexis in association with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants*.


*If you are the HKICPA member, please send your name and HKICPA membership number at for further verification.

1 Introduction

2 Members’ voluntary liquidation

3 Creditors’ voluntary liquidation

4 Compulsory liquidation

5 Appointment of liquidators – ethical considerations, disqualification and disclosure statements

6 Liquidators’ powers & removal of liquidators

7 Liquidators' investigations and litigation funding

8 Voidable transactions and fraudulent and insolvent trading

9 The asset protection regime

10 Proofs of debt and priority

11 Charges and receivership

12 Corporate rescue and restructuring

13 Directors’ disqualification

14 Liquidator’s remuneration

15 PRC Bankruptcy Law

16 Cross-border insolvency

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