Principles of Equity and Trusts Law in Hong Kong – Third Edition (Student)

Author: Lawrence Ma

Adapted specifically for law students, Principles of Equity and Trusts Law in Hong Kong explains core concepts, including types of trusts, trustees, the three certainties, equitable remedies, and undue influence.

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Publication Date: October 2019

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Principles of Equity and Trusts Law in Hong Kong offers a clear explanation of the fundamentals of equity and trusts law. The book looks at the subject from a distinctly Hong Kong perspective, discussing the relevance of equity and trusts in common Hong Kong domestic and commercial settings. In addition, there are many useful references to how other jurisdictions (especially the United Kingdom) deal with problematic questions. Clear statements of the law are brought to life by extensive analysis of the decisions of the courts of Hong Kong. The book includes self-test questions and suggestions for further reading, designed to help students to check their understanding and deepen their knowledge of the subject.

1 The Historical Development of Hong Kong's Anti-Corruption Law

2 The ICAC of the Hong Kong SAR - Part I: Establishment and Structure

3 The ICAC of the Hong Kong SAR - Part II: Jurisdiction and Operations

4 Powers of Arrest and Detention

5 Part I of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance

6 The Mens Rea of Part II Offences

7 Sections 3 and 8, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: The Offer and Acceptance of Advantages without a Corrupt Purpose

8 Sections 4 and 7, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: Corruption Involving Public Bodies

9 Section 9, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: Corrupt Transactions with Agents

10 Section 10, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: Explaining Undue Wealth

11 Sentencing for Corruption Offences

12 Powers of Investigation

13 Prosecuting Offences under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance

14 The Common Law Offence of Misconduct in Public Office"

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