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  1. View details Butterworths Hong Kong Employees' Compensation Handbook...
    Publication Date: February 2023
    Book (Soft cover)

    Authors: Au Lut Chi, Kyra Kung

    Butterworths Hong Kong Employees’ Compensation Handbook encompasses up-to-date materials of the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282), a key piece of Hong Kong legislation pertaining to employees’ compensation.

    Not only does it reproduce the current text of the Ordinance and details of amendments and repeals, the Handbook also provides section-by-section annotations to the Ordinance, while a significant number of judicial decisions and court rules are included in these annotations. In addition, the said annotations contain notes, practical aspects and contentious issues associated with particular sections in a succinct manner, including definitions of words and phrases.

    Those engaging in or interested in employees’ compensation in Hong Kong, such as lawyers, businesspeople, in-house counsel, company directors, company secretaries, Human resources managers, and judicial officials, will find this Handbook an invaluable companion.

    HK$ 2,100.00
  2. View details The Law of Unjust Enrichment in Hong Kong - Second Edition
    Publication Date: November 2021
    Book (Soft cover)

    Author: Steven Gallagher

    The Law of Unjust Enrichment in Hong Kong - Second Edition discusses practical application of the doctrine of unjust enrichment, and explains its theoretical basis and possible development. 

    HK$ 1,500.00
  3. View details The Law of Tort in Hong Kong - Third Edition
    Publication Date: August 2014
    Book (Hardback)

    Author(s): DK Srivastava, Anna Lui, Charu Sharma, Sara Tsui

    Law of Tort in Hong Kong aims to explain the legal principles of tort law from a unique local perspective.

    HK$ 2,000.00
  4. View details Hong Kong Tort Law: Texts, Cases and Ordinances
    Publication Date: August 2013
    Book (Soft cover)

    Author(s): Fozia Nazir Lone

    It provides an in-depth discussion of significant concepts of tort law which include negligence, nuisance, employer's liability, occupier's liability, the Rylands v Fletcher rule, economic torts, defamation, trespass, defences, damages and remedies. This work considers the impact of case law from other common law jurisdictions such as the UK, US, and Australia, in Hong Kong.

    HK$ 990.00