Cross on Evidence - 12th Edition

Author: The Honourable JD Heydon AC QC

Cross on Evidence, 12th Edition is a detailed and authoritative analysis of the rules of the law of evidence in Australia.

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Publication Date: December 2019

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Now in its twelfth edition, this fully updated prestigious text, written by the Honourable J D Heydon AC QC, provides a detailed and authoritative analysis of the rules of the law of evidence in Australia. It contains explicit statements of doctrine together with an exposition of the principles underlying the various rules. It is the only significant Australian text which covers the entirety of the law of evidence in Australia, both in the uniform jurisdictions and the states which have separate regimes.


  • Authoritative text on the law of evidence
  • Covers civil and criminal law of evidence in all Australian jurisdictions
  • Outlines both the detail of the law and the principles on which it rests

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Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Facts which Need not be Proved by Evidence

Chapter 3 – Estoppels

Chapter 4 – The Burden of Proof and Presumptions

Chapter 5 – Degrees of Proof

Chapter 6 – The Functions of Judge and Jury

Chapter 7 – The Competence and Compellability of Witnesses

Chapter 8 – Corroboration

Chapter 9 – The Course of Evidence

Chapter 10 – Character and Credibility

Chapter 11 – Similar Fact Evidence

Chapter 12 – Evidence by Accused Persons

Chapter 13 – Privilege

Chapter 14 – Public Interest

Chapter 15- Opinion

Chapter 16 – The Rule against Hearsay

Chapter 17 – The Rule against Hearsay: Principal Exceptions at Common Law

Chapter 18 – The Rule against Hearsay: Statutory Exceptions

Chapter 19 – The Doctrine of Res Gestae

Chapter 20 – Documentary Evidence

Chapter 21 – Proof of Frequently Recurring Matters