Commercial Law in Hong Kong - Third Edition (Student)

Author: Judith Sihombing

The third edition of Commercial Law in Hong Kong is an essential text for students studying commercial law, as well as for practitioners and analysts. It examines all aspects of commercial law, with reference to the relevant legislation and cases in Hong Kong and internationally.

Publication Date: March 2021

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Book (Soft cover)
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The third edition of this book continues to show development in the areas of commercial law in Hong Kong that mirror several of the overseas advances. Decisions from the UK Supreme Court, the High Court of Australia, and the Supreme Court of Canada are considered where relevant to Hong Kong commercial law. This edition covers a variety of matters showing the strength of the equity in commercial law, as well as amendments to legislation, detailed scrutiny of property concepts, advancement in commercial trusts such as Quistclose, and the manner in which Hong Kong is dealing with a variety of commercial factors.

Chapter 1: Background and Introduction

Chapter 2: Property

Chapter 3: Legislation

Chapter 4: Principles and Rules

Chapter 5: Contract, Form and the Subject of Security

Chapter 6: The Trust – Its Uses as a Security

Chapter 7: Parties

Chapter 8: Acquisition of Goods

Chapter 9: Priority, Perfection & Notice

Chapter 10: The Development of Rights for the Purpose of Security

Chapter 11: Real Securities: The Mortgage

Chapter 12: The Charge

Chapter 13: Real Securities: The Pledge

Chapter 14: Real Securities: The Common Law Lien

Chapter 15: Hybrid Quasi-Securities: Contractual and Non-Contractual

Chapter 16: Quasi-Securities

Chapter 17: Third Party Contractual Quasi-Securities

Chapter 18: Damages in Contract and in Tort

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