Butterworths Hong Kong Legal Dictionary

Almost 9,000 legal terms or phrases have been defined in the Hong Kong context, including many terms unique to this jurisdiction.

Publication Date: November 2004

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Editorial Board members include: Betty Ho, Solicitor (England & Wales), (Hong Kong), Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ontario, Counsellor and Attorney at Law of the State of New York

Margaret Ng, Barrister at Law, Member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong SAR

Professor Michael Wilkinson, Department of Professional Legal Education, The University of Hong Kong

Vincent Liang, Member of Committee on Bilingual Legal System, Former Chairman of the Bilingualism Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong

Dr Sin King Kui, Associate Professor, Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong

Tony Yen, Law Draftsman, Department of Justice

The Butterworths Hong Kong Legal Dictionary is the first and only legal dictionary specifically written for the Hong Kong legal market.

Almost 9,000 legal terms or phrases have been defined in the Hong Kong context, including many terms unique to this jurisdiction. Extensive reference is made to local legislation and case law.

The Dictionary has been compiled in accordance with a rigorous process of writing and review involving legal practitioners, academics, judges and other senior members of the profession. A number of Consultant Editors were responsible for reviewing the text and ensuring its consistent high quality, subsequently endorsed by an illustrious editorial board including senior members of the legal profession and academia.

This work will provide the starting point for any research enquiry on Hong Kong law. No person dealing with legal or business issues can afford to be without it.

Also available in a limited leather-bound edition.

1. History and Modern Law of Injunctions

2. Interlocutory Injunctions

3. Perpetual Injunctions

4. Mareva Injunctions

5. Anton Piller Orders

6. Injunctions Relating to Companies

7. Quia Timet Injunctions

8. Foreign-Related Injunctions and Anti-suit Injunctions

9. Injunctions Affecting Letters of Credit, Performance Bonds and Bank Guarantees Payable on Demand or Their Proceeds

10. Injunctions to Protect Privileged Information

11. Injunctions Relating to Intellectual Property

12. Third Parties

13. Receivers

14. Contempt of Court

15. Ancillary Orders

16. Post Judgment Injunctions

17. Discharge, Variation and Second Applications

18. Appeal

19. Costs


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