Advocacy and the Litigation Process in Hong Kong – Fourth Edition (Student)

Authors: Michael Wilkinson, Vandana Rajwani, Raymond Pierce
Contributors: Jacky Yeung, Arthur Lee, Leo Yau

Advocacy and the Litigation Process in Hong Kong - Fourth Edition is a one-stop-shop of practical tips, procedural law, and skills essential for students and litigation practitioners in Hong Kong.

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Publication Date: December 2020

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Book (Soft cover)
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In Stock ISBN: 9789888683185

Advocacy and the Litigation Process in Hong Kong provides an introduction to the basic rules, conventions, and techniques that every advocate must know and apply when practicing in both the civil and criminal courts of Hong Kong. It takes the reader through the complex litigation process from first interview with the client, through the preparation of the case for trial, interlocutory applications, the trial itself, and finally appeals. It also highlights the skills required to be successful and emphasises the ethical duties of advocates. The content extends beyond relevant topics for front-line advocates, but encompasses much guidance on how to run a successful litigation practice.

The fourth edition incorporates many new developments in the rules and techniques of practice and introduces many new cases and practice directions relevant to practice, in particular the new Bar Code of Conduct and the Civil Justice Reform.

• Chapter 1 Introduction

• Chapter 2 The Professional Ethics of the Advocate

• Chapter 3 Preparation of the Case

• Chapter 4 Briefing Counsel, Counsel's Opinion and Conferences

• Chapter 5 Court Etiquette

• Chapter 6 Chambers Applications before Masters

• Chapter 7 Bail Applications

• Chapter 8 The Opening Address for the Prosecution

• Chapter 9 The Opening Speech for the Plaintiff

• Chapter 10 General Points on the Examination of Witnesses

• Chapter 11 Examination-in-Chief

• Chapter 12 Cross-Examination

• Chapter 13 Re-Examination

• Chapter 14 Further Evidence Adduced After Close of Case

• Chapter 15 Expert Evidence

• Chapter 16 Submission of No Case to Answer and the Opening Speech for the Defence in Criminal Trials

• Chapter 17 Submission of No Case to Answer and the Opening Speech for the Defence in Civil Cases

• Chapter 18 Making Closing Submissions: Some General Principles

• Chapter 19 Closing Speeches in Criminal Cases

• Chapter 20 The Duties of Counsel During the Summing-up

• Chapter 21 Closing Speeches in Civil Cases

• Chapter 22 Appellate Advocacy

• Chapter 23 Advocacy in the Sentencing Process

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