Administrative Law in Hong Kong - Second Edition

Author(s): Swati Jhaveri, Michael Ramsden, Anne Scully-Hill

This second edition focuses on recent major developments in the Hong Kong administrative law landscape.

Publication Date: December 2013

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Administrative Law in Hong Kong has been revised from its first edition with a focus on recent major developments in the Hong Kong administrative law landscape. The law in this book has been updated and key developments or trends in the decisions of the courts identified.

This book is divided into three parts: Administrative Law in Hong Kong; Procedural Aspects and Scope of Judicial Review; and Grounds of Judicial Review. Although many current principles of Hong Kong’s administrative law are drawn from English law, there is a gradual and distinct process of indigenisation.  Therefore whilst English sources are cited and discussed where appropriate, this text seeks to locate itself primarily in the ongoing development of the administrative law of Hong Kong. 

The second edition of Administrative Law in Hong Kong retains its objective of being a tool for the study and teaching of administrative law, comprising comprehensive analysis, whilst being accessible to students considering administrative law for the first time.

1 The purpose and nature of administrative law in Hong Kong

2 Non-judicial controls on government

3 Procedural exclusivity and public-private trade

4 Leave and standing

5 The limits of judicial review

6 Remedies

7 Procedural fairness

8 Illegality

9 Irrationality

10 Legitimate expectations

11 Proportionality

12 Human rights and judicial review

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