Environmental Impact Review in New York

An all-encompassing guide to New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)

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ISBN: 9781579112165
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An all-encompassing guide to New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and the environmental impact review process that SEQRA generated. This unique publication takes project applicants, opponents, and regulators through every stage of the exacting compliance requirements and procedures of SEQRA and New York City's Environmental Quality Review (CEQR), as well as the electric power plant siting requirements of the Public Service Law. It discusses how to mesh SEQRA's requirements with those of other complex federal, state and local laws effectively and efficiently.

•   Analyzes well over one thousand SEQRA cases, both reported and unreported
•   Provides detailed guidance in preparation and evaluation of Environmental Assessment Forms and Environmental Impact Statements
•   Includes extensive SEQRA procedural guidance, including timing issues
•   Provides in-depth analysis of complex issues such as segmentation and mitigation
•   Presents model administrative and litigation forms
•   Examines the wide spectrum of activities that have been subject to SEQRA and how they have fared under the law
•   Lists, by topic, Department of Environmental Conservation final decisions on SEQRA matters

Reference aids include checklists and appendices containing the SEQRA law and its regulations, as well as CEQR.

First published 1990.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction 
Chapter 2 Applicability of SEQRA
Chapter 3 SEQRA Procedures
Chapter 4 Treatment of Particular Actions
Chapter 5 EIS Contents
Chapter 6 Substantive Requirements: Mitigation and Findings
Chapter 7 SEQRA Litigation
Chapter 8 Relationship of SEQRA to Other Laws
Chapter 8A New York City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR)
Chapter 8B Siting of Electric Generating and Transmission Facilities
Appendix 1 The State Environmental Quality Review Act
Appendix 2 SEQRA Regulations
Appendix 2A Old SEQRA Regulations
Appendix 2B Correlation Table
Appendix 3 Scoping Checklist
Appendix 4 DEC Regional Offices
Appendix 5 City Environmental Quality Review Procedure (CEQR)
Appendix 6 Job Impact Statements for Proposed Regulations