Environmental Law Practice Guide: State and Federal Law

Guidance through complex procedures and phases of environmental law practice, featuring state-by-state as well as subject-by-subject coverage.

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Print Book:12 volumes, looseleaf, updated with supplements and revisions
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Comprehensive coverage of the entire spectrum of federal and state environmental law. Everything you need all in one place! Provides practical guidance that cuts across all substantive areas of environmental law. Written for attorneys, consultants, regulators and facility managers by some of the foremost authorities in the country, this publication provides guidance through complex procedures and phases of environmental law practice, featuring state-by-state as well as subject-by-subject coverage.

The set consists of four major units:

  • Unit I: step-by-step guidance for procedural items involving, for example, environmental impact statements, land preservation, government financing, environmental management systems, document retention requirements, consultants and contractors, environmental due diligence, audits, liability, insurance, taxation, international activities, Indian country activities, regulatory takings, litigation, citizen suits, environmental justice, attorney's fees, conflicts of interest, ADR, civil and criminal enforcement, and practice before the EPA.
  • Unit II: substantive law of environmental quality: air and water pollution, pollution prevention, indoor air quality, vapor intrusion, global climate change, green buildings and sustainable development, environmental trading programs, wetlands, drinking water, noise, oceans and coasts, and wildlife protection.
  • Unit III: regulated substances and waste management, e.g.: identifying hazardous substances and hazardous wastes, RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, OSHA, EPCRA, hazmat transportation, agricultural issues, pesticides, asbestos, lead, PCBs, molds, used oil, medical and infectious wastes, storage tanks, radioactive materials, preparation and responses to disasters and terrorism.
  • Unit IV: state-by-state (plus D.C. and Puerto Rico) guide to environmental law, including an examination of the federal-state relationship, and state environmental law procedures, programmatic areas and reference guides.
    Practice materials include permit and litigation forms, lease clauses, environmental audit checklists, due diligence inquiry letters, site investigation and remediation forms and checklists directories of state governmental offices, lists of environmental and trade associations in each state, and bibliographies. Upon its initial publication, this set was named the Year's Best New Legal Practice Book by the Association of American Publishers.

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Table of contents



Chapter 1 Environmental Impact Statements

Chapter 2 Historic Preservation

Chapter 3 Land Preservation

Chapter 4 Information Disclosure and Access

Chapter 5 Consultants and Contractors

Chapter 5A Environmental Due Diligence in Corporate Transactions


Chapter 6 Environmental Audits

Chapter 6A Environmental Management Systems

Chapter 6B Document Retention Issues in Environmental Law

Chapter 6C [Reserved]

Chapter 7 Liability

Chapter 8 Environmental Insurance Coverage

Chapter 9 Federal Tax Considerations


Chapter 9A Government Financing

Chapter 10 Bankruptcy

Chapter 10A Regulatory Takings

Chapter 11 Government Searches and Private Inspections

Chapter 11A Practice Before the EPA

Chapter 11B Environmental Litigation


Chapter 11C Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 12 Civil Enforcement

Chapter 12A Citizen Suits

Chapter 12B Environmental Justice

Chapter 12C Criminal Enforcement

Chapter 13 Attorney’s Fees and Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 14 Environmental Groups, Trade Associations and Other Private Organizations

Chapter 15 International Activities and United States Environmental Law

Chapter 15A Indian Country Environmental Law

Chapters 15B–15C [Reserved]



Chapter 16 Common-Law Controls

Chapter 17 Clean Air Act

Chapter 17A Indoor Air Quality

Chapter 17B Vapor Intrusion

Chapter 17C Global Climate Change

Chapter 17D Green Buildings and Sustainable Development


Chapter 18 Water Pollution

Chapter 18A Pollution Prevention

Chapter 18B Environmental Trading Programs

Chapter 19 Wetlands

Chapter 20 Safe Drinking Water Act

Chapter 21 Flood Control and Flood Plain Regulation

Chapter 22 Noise

Chapter 23 Oceans and Oil Spills

Chapter 23A Coasts

Chapter 24 Wildlife and Habitat Protection<



Chapter 25 Overview of the Law of Hazardous Materials

Chapter 26 Identifying Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Wastes

Chapter 27 Toxic Substances Control Act

Chapter 28 Worker and Public Notification

Chapter 28A Workplace Safety and Health

Chapter 28B Disasters and Terrorism: Preparation and Response

Chapter 29 Hazardous Waste Management

Chapter 29A Hazardous Materials Transportation

Chapter 30 Inactive Sites - The Superfund Process


Chapter 31 Waste Site Liability

Chapter 31A Forms for Investigation and Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Chapter 32 Real Property Transfers and Brownfields Development

Chapter 32A Federal Facilities

Chapter 32B Natural Resource Damages

Chapter 33 Toxic Torts

Chapter 34 Pesticides

Chapter 34A Agricultural Environmental Law


Chapter 35 Municipal Solid Waste

Chapter 36 Asbestos

Chapter 36A Lead

Chapter 36B PCBs

Chapter 36C Molds

Chapter 37 Used Oil Management

Chapter 38 Medical and Infectious Wastes

Chapter 39 Storage Tanks

Chapter 40 Radioactive Materials



Chapter 41 Federal-State Relationships

Chapter 42 Alabama

Chapter 43 Alaska

Chapter 44 Arizona

Chapter 45 Arkansas

Chapter 46 California

Chapter 47 Colorado

Chapter 48 Connecticut

Chapter 49 Delaware

Chapter 50 District of Columbia

Chapter 51 Florida

Chapter 52 Georgia

Chapter 53 Hawaii

Chapter 54 Idaho

Chapter 55 Illinois

Chapter 56 Indiana

Chapter 57 Iowa

Chapter 58 Kansas

Chapter 59 Kentucky

Chapter 60 Louisiana


Chapter 61 Maine

Chapter 62 Maryland

Chapter 63 Massachusetts

Chapter 64 Michigan

Chapter 65 Minnesota

Chapter 66 Mississippi

Chapter 67 Missouri

Chapter 68 Montana

Chapter 69 Nebraska

Chapter 70 Nevada

Chapter 71 New Hampshire

Chapter 72 New Jersey

Chapter 73 New Mexico

Chapter 74 New York

Chapter 75 North Carolina

Chapter 76 North Dakota

Chapter 77 Ohio

Chapter 78 Oklahoma

Chapter 79 Oregon


Chapter 80 Pennsylvania

Chapter 81 Puerto Rico

Chapter 82 Rhode Island

Chapter 83 South Carolina

Chapter 84 South Dakota

Chapter 85 Tennessee

Chapter 86 Texas

Chapter 87 Utah

Chapter 88 Vermont

Chapter 89 Virginia

Chapter 90 Washington

Chapter 91 West Virginia

Chapter 92 Wisconsin

Chapter 93 Wyoming

Table of Main Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in This Publication

EPA Terms of Environment - Glossary, Abbreviations, and Acronyms