Treatise on Environmental Law (Volumes 1 through 6)

This treatise examines issues, and analyzes the statutes and important caselaw in every environmental problem area.

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ISBN: 9781579116439
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ISBN: 9781579116439
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Examines issues, analyzes the statutes and important case law in every area of environmental law:

•  Climate change and global warming
•  Air, water and noise pollution
•  Solid waste
•  Hazardous waste
•  Toxic substances
•  Radiation
•  Fertilizer and feedlot pollution
•  Pesticides
•  The National Environmental Policy Act and the "little NEPA's" of the states
•  Environmental protection aspects of land use planning and controls
•  Public lands and conservation
•  Hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
•  International aspects of environmental protection under United States law
•  Attorneys' fees in environmental litigation
•  Alternative dispute resolution in environmental law
•  Self-compliance programs as alternatives to traditional command-and-control systems

The treatise provides:

•  Thorough analysis of the statutes, regulations, and decisions
•  Coverage of the emerging issue of climate change and global warming, including U.S. and international initiatives
•  Coverage of the problems of growth, exhaustion of natural resources, aesthetic values, power shortages, effects of pollution on health
•  Primary source manuals of relevant federal statutes and regulatory material

You can feel confident relying on Professor Grad's explanations and analyses. The depth of analysis is invaluable in dealing with complex and controversial issues and in forming legal arguments.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 - Environmental Law, Its Beginnings and Some of Its Recurring Issues

Chapter 1A - Climate Change and Global Warming

Chapter 2 - Air Pollution


Chapter 3 - Water Pollution


Chapter 4 - Solid Waste

Chapter 4A - Disposal of Hazardous Waste - The "Superfund Law"

Chapter 4B - Toxic Substances

Chapter 4C - Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act


Chapter 5 - Noise

Chapter 6 - Radiation

Chapter 7 - Fertilizer and Feedlot Pollution

Chapter 8 - Pesticides

Chapter 9 - The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and Related Provisions


Chapter 10 - Land Use Planning and Land Use Controls in the Context of Environmental Protection

Chapter 11 - Regulation of Energy Generation and Transmission

Chapter 11A - Hydraulic Fracturing

Chapter 12 - Public Lands and Conservation


Chapter 13 - International Aspects of Environmental Protection Under United States Law

Chapter 14 - Attorneys ' Fees in Environmental Litigation

Chapter 15 - Alternative Dispute Resolution in Environmental Law

Chapter 16 - Native Americans and Environmental Protection

Chapter 17 - Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Reform

Chapter 18 - Developments in Common Law Remedies


Table of Cases