Thompson on Real Property, Thomas Edition

Important Analysis of Real Property Law written by Experts
Publisher: Michie

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Important Analysis of Real Property Law
Written by Experts

An important national treatise on real property law, Thompson on Real Property, Thomas Editions, was completely revised and modernized in the 1990s by editor-in-chief David A. Thomas and more than 30 other noted legal scholars. Together, they contributed over 100 chapters of up-to-date, comprehensive, and in-depth coverage of real property law, including analysis of such topics as:

 •  adverse possession
 •  agricultural and farm law
 •  constitutional impacts on real property
 •  construction and construction financing
 •  conveyancing procedures
 •  landlord and tenant
 •  inns and innkeepers
 •  international real property issues
 •  petroleum and pipelines
 •  property issues in space law
 •  public and private nuisances
 •  real property issues in weather control
 •  waste

The treatise is kept up to date with convenient annual pocket parts, and one annual replacement volume.

Frequently Cited by the Courts

Thompson on Real Property, Thomas Editions, has been cited by the courts hundreds of times, and cited by the highest courts (for example, by the United States Supreme Court in United States v. Craft, 535 U.S. 274 (2002)).

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Table of contents

Thompson on Real Property

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Chapter 1. Property Concepts Among Primitive Cultures

Chapter 2. Landholding in Ancient Britain

Chapter 3. Property Rights in Anglo-Saxon England

Chapter 4. The Growth of the English Common Law of Real Property

Chapter 5. English Property Law After the Middle Ages

Chapter 6. Development of Property Law in England's American Colonies

Chapter 7. Development of American Property Law After Independence

Volume 2

Chapter 8. The Rise and Role of the Restatements of Property and the Restatements of Trusts

Chapter 9. Uniform and Model Laws Related to Property

Chapter 10. Theories of Private Property Formation

Chapter 11. Possible Future Developments in American Property Law

Chapter 12. Special Problems of Real Property Ownership

Chapter 13. The American Law of Personal Property

Chapter 14. The Nature and Kinds of Property

Chapter 15. The Emergence of Property Rights for Women

Chapter 16. Property Rights from the Perspective of Critical Legal Studies

Chapter 17. Fee Simple Absolute

Chapter 18. Fee Tail

Chapter 19. Life Estate

Chapter 20. Defeasible Fees

Volume 3

Chapter 21. Marital and Homestead Interests

Chapter 22. Reversions

Chapter 23. Remainders

Chapter 24. Possibilities of Reverter

Chapter 25. Rights of Entry

Chapter 26. Executory Interests

Chapter 27. The Law of Trusts Related to Real Property

Chapter 28. Rules Against Perpetuities

Chapter 29. Restraints on Alienation

Chapter 30. Special Legal Rules Relating to Future Interests

Volume 4

Chapter 31. Joint Tenancies

Chapter 32. Tenancies in Common

Chapter 33. Tenancies by the Entirety

Chapter 34. Tenancy in Partnership

Chapter 35. Tenancy in Coparcenary

Chapter 36. Condominiums and Cooperatives

Chapter 37. Marital Property

Chapter 38. Partition

Chapter 39. Leasehold Estates

Volume 5

Chapter 40. Rights and Duties of Landlords and Tenants

Chapter 41. [Reserved]

Chapter 42. Transfer of Landlord and Tenant Interests

Chapter 43. Statutory Modifications of Landlord and Tenant Law

Chapter 44. Commercial Leasing

Chapter 45. [Reserved]

Chapter 46. Fixtures

Volume 6

Chapter 47. Agriculture and Farm Law

Chapter 48. Mines and Minerals

Chapter 49. Petroleum and Pipelines

Chapter 50. Water Rights

Volume 7

Chapter 51. Private Property Rights in Airspace

Chapter 52. Inns and Innkeepers

Chapter 53. Real Property Aspects of Graves and Cemeteries

Chapter 54. Railroad Lands

Chapter 55. Public Lands

Chapter 56. Territories and Possessions

Chapter 57. Indian Land

Chapter 58. Antarctica

Chapter 59. Property Issues in Space Law

Chapter 60. The Law of Easements: Rights in the Property of Another

Chapter 61. Real Covenants: Promises Concerning the Use of Land

Chapter 62. Servitudes

Chapter 63. [Reserved]

Volume 8

Chapter 64. Licenses

Chapter 65. Profits a Prendre

Chapter 66. Constitutional Impacts on Real Property

Chapter 67. The Property Law Aspects of Private Nuisance

Chapter 68. Trespass on Land

Chapter 69. Rights of Lateral and Subjacent Support

Chapter 70. Waste

Chapter 71. Real Property Issues in Weather Control

Chapter 72. Sources of Government Police Power

Chapter 73. Public Nuisance

Chapter 74. An Overview of Land Use Regulations

Chapter 75. The Impact of Environmental Regulation on Real Property

Volume 9

Chapter 76. Taxation of Real Property

Chapter 77. Forfeitures

Chapter 78. Regulation of Transactions

Chapter 79. Foreign Ownership of Land

Chapter 80. The Power of Eminent Domain

Chapter 81. Regulatory Takings

Chapter 82. Transfers by Deed

Chapter 83. Donative Transfers

Chapter 84. The Impact of Bankruptcy Law on Real Property Interests

Chapter 85. Obtaining Land and Rights for Development

Volume 10

Chapter 86. Powers

Chapter 87. Adverse Possession

Chapter 88. Testamentary Transfers of Real Property

Chapter 89. Intestate Succession

Chapter 90. Land Descriptions, Boundaries and Surveys

Volume 11

Chapter 91. Title and Marketable Title

Chapter 92. Recording, Registration, and Search of Title

Chapter 93. Title Insurance

Chapter 94. Conveyancing Procedures

Chapter 95. Real Estate Brokers

Chapter 96. Vendors and Purchasers

Volume 12

Chapter 97. Construction and Development Law: Construction Contracts and Commercial Leases

Chapter 98. Financing Public-Private Agreements Through Tax Increments

Chapter 99. Real Estate Contracts

Chapter 100. Installment Land Sales Contracts

Chapter 101. Mortgages, Deeds of Trusts and Related Liens

Chapter 102. Mechanics' Liens

Volume 13

Chapter 103. Federal and State Securities Regulation of Real Estate Transactions

Chapter 104. The Promissory Note in Real Estate Transactions

Chapter 105. Alternative Dispute Resolution in Real Property Matters

Chapter 106. Foreign Countries

Volume 14

Cumulative Tables

Volume 15

Cumulative Tables

Cumulative Index