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Standardized Civil Jury Instructions for the District of Columbia

Publisher: Matthew Bender
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ISBN: 9781579118693
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Standardized Civil Jury Instructions for the District of Columbia is an essential time-saving practice guide for research and drafting of civil jury instructions. This newest edition includes text of pattern jury instructions, the authorities on which each instruction are based, practice comments and other references to relevant materials.

Standardized Civil Jury Instructions for The District of Columbia represents not only recent comments, but relies on a foundation of model instructions and annual revisions dating back to 1941, when the "Blue Book" was first published. Richard W. Stevens and the D.C. Bench & Bar diligently reviewed and edited instructions and comments to provide lawyers with more than just the instructions, but also an understanding of the derivation of each instruction and the rationale underlying it.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Function of Judge and Jury
Chapter 2 Weighing the Evidence
Chapter 3 Evaluating the Witnesses
Chapter 4 Multiple Claims and Parties
Chapter 5 Negligence
Chapter 6 Vicarious Liability
Chapter 7 Automobile Cases
Chapter 8 Common Carrier Cases
Chapter 9 Medical Malpractice and Other Professional Negligence
Chapter 10 Premises Liability
Chapter 11 Contracts
Chapter 12 Damages - General
Chapter 13 Personal Injury Damages
Chapter 14 Wrongful Death and Survival Actions
Chapter 15 Property Damage
Chapter 16 Punitive Damages
Chapter 17 Defamation (Libel/Slander)
Chapter 18 False Arrest
Chapter 19 Assault and Battery
Chapter 20 Fraud and Misrepresentation
Chapter 21 Real Estate
Chapter 22 Eminent Domain
Chapter 23 Products Liability
Chapter 24 District of Columbia Human Rights Act
Chapter 25 Other Tort Causes of Action