LexisNexis Practice Guide: District of Columbia Civil Practice

LexisNexis Practice Guide: District of Columbia Civil Practice covers contains all a civil litigator in DC superior court needs for daily practice.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Print Book:1 volume, softbound
2021 Edition
ISBN: 9781663324306
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2021 Edition
ISBN: 9781663324313
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2021 Edition
ISBN: 9781663324313
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LexisNexis Practice Guide: District of Columbia Civil Practice is a concise yet complete practice guide devoted to civil litigation practice in the superior courts of the District of Columbia. In one volume it covers the key points and procedures of civil litigation, from client intake through trial and judgment.

The publication offers one-stop shopping for DC superior court litigators. It covers court procedures under the DC Civil Rules, citing DC and federal cases in support. The publication is equally useful for inexperienced litigators as well as more experienced trial lawyers needing to brush up on litigation details.

The 2020 edition ISBN is 9781663300843.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Commencement of Action
Chapter 2 Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Personal Jurisdiction
Chapter 4 Parties, Capacity, Joinder, Third Parties
Chapter 5 Forum and Venue
Chapter 6 Pleadings
Chapter 7 Service of Process and Papers
Chapter 8 Statutes of Limitation
Chapter 9 Appearance and Default
Chapter 10 Discovery
Chapter 11 Motion Practice
Chapter 12 Pretrial Procedure
Chapter 13 Settlement, Release, Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 14 Injunctive Relief
Chapter 15 Consolidation, Severance, Separate Trial
Chapter 16 Summary Judgment
Chapter 17 Voluntary and Involuntary Dismissal
Chapter 18 Attorney Conduct, Sanctions, Contempt
Chapter 19 Special Proceedings
Chapter 20 Preparing for Trial
Chapter 21 Public Access to Trials and Records
Chapter 22 Jury and Bench Trials
Chapter 23 Witnesses and Objections
Chapter 24 Burdens of Proof and Persuasion, Presumptions, Inferences
Chapter 25 Opening Statement
Chapter 26 Motions During Trial
Chapter 27 Closing Argument
Chapter 28 Verdict and Judgment
Chapter 29 Attorney’s Fees and Costs
Chapter 30 Postjudgment Proceedings