Practice Under Florida Probate Code

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Print Book:1 Volume, Hardbound, 1,138 pages
11th Edition
ISBN: 9781663342140
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11th Edition
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11th Edition
ISBN: 9781663342157
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Written by skilled probate attorneys, Practice Under Florida Probate Code provides comprehensive analysis of all the steps you need to take to administer an estate in Florida. It features discussions of major changes to the Probate Code made over the past few years, alerts the user to recent changes to the Florida Probate Rules, and highlights relevant tax considerations. Forms, sample accountings, and charts for basic probate practice enhance the book's practitioner focus.

Highlights of the new Eleventh Edition include coverage of:

  • Florida courts' new ability to exercise in rem jurisdiction by formal notice over estate property under F.S. 731.301.
  • Probate jurisdiction and the effect of the recent changes in jurisdictional amounts as to personal property under F.S. 26.012 and 34.01.
  • Appealable orders in probate and guardianship cases and the new addition of a denial of entitlement to lawyer fees and costs as an appealable order.
  • The lawyer-client relationship and the lawyer’s role when the lawyer also serves as personal representative, and the new statutory disclosure requirements under F.S. 733.617.
  • The payment of fees to a lawyer representing a personal representative and the new disclosure requirements under F.S. 733.6171.
  • Notice of administration and the new language required to be included in the notice under F.S. 733.212 regarding the effect of failure to contest the will and waiver.
  • New requirement for designating confidential information in court filings under Fla. R. Gen. Prac. & Jud. Admin. 2.420.
  • Florida Legislature's authorization of electronic wills and remote online notaries, and the production of electronic wills for probate.
  • The form for a petition for administration under Fla. R. Prob. Proc. 5.200 and the new requirement of a statement as to the priority of a personal representative under F.S. 733.301.
  • New discussion of the filing of an affidavit of heirs with the petition for administration in intestate estate cases.
  • New discussion of holographic wills.
  • Unique valuation issues and other considerations associated with cryptocurrency and other digital assets.
  • The transfer of estate assets and electronic registration of motor vehicles, mobile homes, and vessels.
  • The enactment of the Florida Uniform Partition of Heirs’ Property Act.
  • The enactment of the Florida Community Property Trust Act.
  • Effect of dissolution of marriage on a beneficiary designation and the legislative overruling of Gordon v. Fishman, 253 So. 3d 1218 (Fla. 2d DCA 2018).
  • Procedure for closing an estate and a modified petition for discharge under FLSSI Forms P-5.0550 and P-5.0551 versus a "full waiver" under FLSSI Form P-5.0570.
  • Will contests and the enactment of F.S. 732.8031 ("Forfeiture for abuse, neglect, exploitation, or aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person or a disabled adult").

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The 10th Edition ISBN was 9781522193043.

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Table of contents

 Chapter 1  Important Preliminary Administration Issues
Sandra Graham Sheets and Craig A. Mundy

Chapter 2  Practice And Procedure
Kit Van Pelt

Chapter 3  Jurisdiction
Jay L. Kauffman

Chapter 4  Functions Of Lawyers And Personal Representatives
Shane Kelley and Jenna Rubin

Chapter 5  Initial Steps In Probate And Administration
Rachel Barlow Oliver

Chapter 6  Inventory And Appraisal
Rose M. La Femina

Chapter 7  Elective Share
Daniel A. Hanley, William T. Hennessey, and Cristina Papanikos

Chapter 8  Creditors' Claims And Family Allowance
Frank T. Pilotte

Chapter 9  Management Of Decedent's Property
Kathleen A. Kadyszewski

Chapter 10  Sales And Transfers Of Estate Assets
Tami F. Conetta

Chapter 11  Determination Of Beneficiaries And Their Interests
Pamela O. Price

Chapter 12  Fiduciary Accountings
Sandra Graham Sheets and Craig A. Mundy

Chapter 13  Partial Distributions
Pamela O. Price

Chapter 14  Final Distribution And Discharge
Jeffrey S. Goethe

Chapter 15  Compensation Of Personal Representatives And Lawyers And Other Expenses Of Administration
Richard Sherrill

Chapter 16  Curators
Robert F. Iseley, Jr.

Chapter 17  Ancillary Administration
Robert A. Dawkins and Kateena E. Manners

Chapter 18  Small Estates And Summary Administration
Frank T. Pilotte

Chapter 19  Homestead And Exempt Personal Property
Tae Kelley Bronner and Rohan Kelley

Chapter 20  Pitfalls In Estate Administration—A View From The Bench
Hon. Mark A. Speiser

Chapter 21  Probate Litigation
Stacy B. Rubel and J. Eric Virgil