Administration of Trusts in Florida

This popular book provides in-depth coverage of the Florida Trust Code and its amendments and explains all facets of trust administration in Florida.

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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781663384782
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781663384799
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The revised Twelfth Edition of this perennial bestseller addresses in-depth the Florida Trust Code and subsequent amendments to the Code passed by the Legislature. In addition, this new edition features extensive treatment of all facets of trust administration.

Highlights of the new Twelfth Edition include:

  • Updating and discussions of statute references.
  • Highlighting or discussion of recent and current case opinions.
  • Addition of new section on removal of a trustee by qualified beneficiaries
  • Discussion of notable cases from other states interpreting their Prudent Investor statutes.
  • Discussion of the extent to which fiduciaries may include climate-aligned funds in their menu options for direct contribution retirement plans.
  • Discussion of Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATS)
  • Discussion of new case law on the waiver of homestead rights
  • Discussion of the SECURE Act of 2019 and SECURE 2.0 of 2022.
  • Discussion of changes to the rules regulating Qualified Charitable Distributions
  • Discussion of charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts
  • New case law on compensation of trustees from homestead proceeds
  • Many important revisions to the chapter on Special Needs Trusts
  • Discussion of Florida’s new statutory provisions on directed trusts
  • Discussion of administrator-managed prepaid card
  • New material on the Social Security Administration’s national policy on decanting

Tax considerations are stressed throughout the text, and are treated in depth in Chapter 12 of the manual. With the explosive increase in the use of trusts by Florida residents, this updated manual addresses a myriad of issues that attorneys practicing in this area are likely to confront on a daily basis.

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The ISBN of the 11th Edition was 9781663338402.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1  Introduction
Denis A. Kleinfeld

Chapter 2  Powers, Duties, And Liabilities Of Trustees
Amy J. Fanzlaw

Chapter 3  Resignation, Removal, And Appointment Of Successor Trustees
Barry F. Spivey and Cady L. Huss

Chapter 4  Prudent Investor Act
Stewart A. Marshall, J. Clay Singleton, and Neil W. Scott

Chapter 5  Trust Accountings
Jon P. Skelton and Vonya Z. Lance

Chapter 6  Creditors' Rights To Assets In Trust
Jerome L. Wolf

Chapter 7  Lapse, Antilapse, And Descendible Beneficial Interests In Trusts
Amy J. Fanzlaw

Chapter 8  Termination And Modification Of Express Trusts
Brian J. Felcoski and Jon Scuderi

Chapter 9  Trust Litigation
Legal Publications Staff

Chapter 10  Qualified Domestic Trusts
Laura Kristin Sundberg and Christine L. Weingart

Chapter 11  Funding Trusts
Charles Ian Nash and Nina Vaghaiwalla Rawal

Chapter 12  Tax Considerations
J. Eric Taylor

Chapter 13  Compensation Of Trustees And Attorneys
Jon Scuderi

Chapter 14  Title Problems and Issues
Amy J. Fanzlaw

Chapter 15  Offshore Trusts
Denis A. Kleinfeld

Chapter 16  Charitable Trusts
J. Eric Taylor and Marla Bohlander

Chapter 17  Special Needs Trusts
David J. Lillesand, Marjorie E. Wolasky, and Amy J. Fanzlaw

Chapter 18  The Florida Trust Code
Laura Kristin Sundberg and Andrew H. Thompson