Texas Litigation Guide

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Print Book:27 volumes, updated 4 times a year
ISBN: 9780820517193
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Since it was first published in 1977, Texas Litigation Guide has become an indispensable resource for Texas litigators. Dorsaneo, Texas Litigation Guide gives you the value of superior content and coverage. The guide is cited frequently by Texas courts and updated four times per year, while the competing publication from West is updated only once per year. This step-by-step guide also offers a comprehensive collection of litigation forms--from letters and notices to discovery requests, motions, petitions and appellate forms--to save you hours of time preparing pleadings, motions, petitions, and other forms.

• Concise, yet authoritative, analysis of Texas law, cited regularly by Texas courts
• Step-by-step procedural and drafting guides
• Hundreds of forms covering virtually any document needed for litigation in Texas courts

From commercial litigation to family law, personal injury to real estate, litigators in virtually every practice area know to rely on Texas Litigation Guide to find what they need to effectively handle any civil case.

The premier authority for more than 35 years.

Procedural guidance along with every form you need.

Attorney-friendly organization walks you through cases.

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Table of contents

Unit I Pretrial Practice (Chs. 1-114) 

Division I Prelitigation Planning (Chs. 1-4)

Division II Plaintiff s Pleadings (Chs. 10-14)

Division III General Claims for Relief (Chs. 20-22)

Division IV Commencement of Actions; Service of Citation (Chs. 30-32)

Division V Extraordinary Remedies; Special Proceedings (Chs. 40-46)

Division VI Equitable Remedies (Chs. 50-55)

Division VII Forum Selection (Chs. 60-64)

Division VIII Defendant s Pleadings (Chs. 70-72)

Division IX Joinder of Additional Parties (Chs. 80-82)

Division X Discovery (Chs. 90-99)

Division XI Pretrial Disposition (Chs. 100-104)

Division XII Pretrial Procedure (Chs. 110-114)

Unit II Trial Practice (Chs. 120-135)

Division I Trial Procedure (Chs. 120-123)

Division II Judgment (Chs. 130-135)

Unit III Appellate Practice (Chs. 140-154)

Division I Preservation of Complaints; Prerequisites for Appeal (Chs. 140-141)

Division II Appellate Procedure (Chs. 145-154)

Unit IV Pleadings in Business Entity Litigation (Chs. 160-205)

Division I Business Corporations (Chs. 160-165)

Division II Corporate Securities (Chs. 170-172)

Division III Partnerships and Joint Ventures (Chs. 180-183)

Division IV Associations (Chs. 190-191)

Division V Business Relationships (Chs. 200-205)

Unit V Pleadings in Commercial Litigation (Chs. 210-242)

Division I Contracts and Sales (Chs. 210-216)

Division II Deceptive Practices and Warranties (Chs. 220-222)

Division III Financing Division III (Chs. 230-236)

Division IV Collection (Chs. 240-242)

Unit VI Pleadings in Real Estate Litigation (Chs. 250-285)

Division I Title Acquisition (Chs. 250-257)

Division II Governmental Claims (Chs. 260-261)

Division III Improvement of Realty (Chs. 270-271)

Division IV Involvement of Third Parties (Chs. 280-285)

Unit VII Pleadings in Personal Injury Litigation (Chs. 290-351)

Division I General Negligence Liability (Chs. 290-293)

Division II Vehicles (Chs. 300-302)

Division III Owners and Occupiers of Land (Chs. 310-311)

Division IV Goods and Services (Chs. 320-323)

Division V Intentional Torts (Chs. 330-337)

Division VI Insurance Litigation (Chs. 340-345)

Division VII Federal Rights of Employees (Chs. 350-351)

Unit VIII Family Code Litigation (Chs. 360-382)

Division I Dissolution Procedures (Chs. 360-364)

Division II Custody and Support (Chs. 370-374)

Division III Paternity, Termination, and Adoption (Chs. 380-382)

Unit IX Estates Code Litigation (Chs. 390-415)

Division I Commencement of Proceedings (Chs. 390-394)

Division II Administration of Estate (Chs. 400-402)

Division III Guardianship (Chs. 410-411)

Division IV Mental Health (Ch. 415)

Unit X Administrative Proceedings (Chs. 420-425)

Chapter 420 Introduction To Administrative Agencies

Chapter 421 Administrative Rules

Chapter 422 Contested Cases

Chapter 423 Judicial Review Of Contested Cases

Chapter 424 Direct Judicial Proceedings

Chapter 425 Resolving State Contract Disputes