Texas Transaction Guide: Legal Forms

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Print Book:25 volumes, loose-leaf
ISBN: 9780820517278
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Successfully Represent your Client on any Transactional Issue.

From business and commercial dealings to personal and real estate transactions, Texas Transaction Guide: Legal Forms contains all the information you need to successfully represent your client through any transactional process. Depend on step-by-step guidance, practice notes, research guides, legal backgrounds, practice guides and insightful commentary in your transaction law practice. Inside you'll find 5 units, covering:

• Business Entities
• Wills and Trusts
• Commercial Transactions
• Real Estate Transactions
• Personal Transactions

Intuitive organization of units into chapters with subparts helps you find the exact the forms you need quickly and easily, saving you hours of valuable time and helping you prepare expert documents. Other features include:

• Easy-to-use chapter layout follows the natural sequence of interviewing, advising and acting on behalf of a client.
• Detailed explanations of necessary preliminary determinations and legal backgrounds for each transaction.
• Comprehensive practice and research guides provide step-by-step guidance for entire transactions and include lists of source materials.
• Complete range of forms for each phase of the transaction, with helpful commentary.
• Helpful checklists for various stages of the transaction.
• Extensive cross-referencing to the research sources used every day.
• Unique practice notes give you the best practice tips.

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Table of contents

Division 1 Formation, Operation and Termination of Corporations
Chapter 1 Starting A New Business
Chapter 2 Planning And Forming A Corporation
Chapter 3 Articles Of Incorporation
Chapter 3a Bylaws
Chapter 3b Organizational Meetings
Chapter 4 Incorporating A Going Business
Chapter 5 Issuance Of Shares
Chapter 6 Reserved
Chapter 7 Issuance Of Debt Securities
Chapter 8 Registration Of Securities
Chapter 9 Election Of Subchapter S Status
Chapter 10 Directors And Directors' Meetings
Chapter 11 Close Corporations
Chapters 12-14 [Reserved]
Chapter 15 Shareholders' Meetings
Chapter 16 Voting Trusts And Voting Agreements
Chapter 17 Amendment Of Articles And Bylaws
Chapter 18 Dividends And Capital Adjustments
Chapter 19 Corporate Acquisitions
Chapter 20 Mergers
Chapter 21 Dissolution Of Corporations
Chapter 22 Transfer Of Shares
Division 2 Professional Corporations, Banks, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 23 Professional Corporations And Associations
Chapter 24 State Financial Institutions
Chapter 25 Corporate Accounting, Taxation, Reports, And Records
Chapters 26-27 [Reserved]
Chapter 28 Nonprofit Corporations And Associations
Chapter 29 Foreign Corporations
Chapter 30 Agricultural Marketing Associations
Chapter 31 General Partnerships
Chapter 32 Limited Partnerships
Chapter 33 Dissolution Of Partnerships
Chapter 34 Limited Liability Companies
Division 3 Buying and Selling a Business
Chapter 35 Buying And Selling A Business
Chapters 36-39 [Reserved]

Division 1 Estate Planning and Wills
Chapter 40 Estate Planning
Chapter 40a Personal Gifts
Chapter 40b Charitable Gifts
Chapter 41 Contracts To Make Wills
Chapter 42 Complete Wills And Codicils
Chapter 43 Dispositive Testamentary Provisions
Chapter 43a Limited, Conditional, And Future Interest Provisions
Chapter 44 Executor Provisions
Chapter 44a Guardianship Provisions
Chapter 45 Miscellaneous Testamentary Provisions
Chapters 46-47 [Reserved]
Division 2 Estate Planning and Trusts
Chapter 48 Testamentary Trusts
Chapter 49 Revocable Trusts
Chapter 50 Irrevocable And Charitable Trusts
Chapter 50a Marital Deduction Provisions
Chapter 50b Dispositive Trust Provisions
Chapter 50c Administrative And Operational Trust Provisions
Chapter 51 Life Insurance In Estate Planning
Chapters 52-54 [Reserved]

Division 1 Contracts
Chapter 55 Contractual Provisions
Chapter 55a Privacy Protection For Business
Chapter 56 Professional Services
Chapter 57 Employment Contracts
Chapter 58 Service Contracts
Chapter 58a Sports Contracts
Chapter 58b Entertainment Industry Agreements
Chapter 59 Insurance Guide For Commercial Enterprises
Chapter 59a Creditor's Agreements
Chapter 60 Personal Property Leases
Chapter 61 Assignments
Chapter 61a Federal Government Contracts
Chapter 61b Agricultural Marketing Contracts
Chapter 61c Texas Government Contracts
Chapter 61d Computer Related Contracts
Division 2 Sale of Goods
Chapter 62 Sale Of Goods
Chapter 62a Documents Of Title
Chapter 62b Import-Export Transactions
Division 3 Secured Transactions and Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 63 Secured Transactions
Chapter 63a Negotiable Instruments
Division 4 Intellectual Property and Advertising
Chapter 63b Copyright
Chapter 63c Trademarks And Trade Names
Chapter 64 Advertising And Trade Practices
Division 5 Consumer Transactions
Chapter 65 Regulation Of Consumer Credit Activities
Chapter 65a Consumer Loans
Chapter 65b Retail Installment Credit
Chapter 65c Credit Cards And Other Open-End Credit Transactions
Chapter 65d Manufactured Housing
Chapter 65e Consumer Loans Secured By Real Property: Federal Law
Chapter 65f Debt Collection
Chapter 65g Funds Transfers
Division 6 Business Financing
Chapter 66 Small Business Financing
Chapter 67 Accounts Receivable Financing
Chapter 67a Commercial Loans
Division 7 Franchises
Chapter 67b Franchising Agreements

Division 1 Sales and Exchanges of Real Property, Mineral Rights, Land Use
Chapter 68 Brokers And Agents
Chapter 69 Options To Purchase Real Property
Chapter 70 Sales Contracts
Chapter 71 Exchanges
Chapter 72 Real Property Security Transactions
Chapter 72a Modification Of Real Property Security Agreements
Chapter 72b Nonjudicial Foreclosure And Forfeiture
Chapter 73 Deeds
Chapter 74 Closing Sales Of Real Estate
Chapter 75 Restrictions On Land Use
Chapter 76 Interim Construction Loans And Permanent Loans
Chapter 77 Oil And Gas Leases
Chapter 77a Oil And Gas Operating Agreements
Chapter 77b Division Orders
Chapter 78 Curing Title Defects
Chapter 78a Title Opinions
Chapter 79 Dedication
Chapter 80 Homesteads
Chapter 81 Environmental Considerations In Property Transactions
Chapter 81a Planning, Zoning, And Construction Permits
Division 2 Leases
Chapter 81b General Lease Provisions
Chapter 81c Assignment And Sublease Provisions
Chapter 81d Lease Modification And Termination Provisions
Chapter 81e Residential Leases
Chapter 81f Commercial, Industrial, And Ground Leases
Division 3 Development and Construction
Chapter 82 Subdivisions
Chapter 83 Agreements With Design Professionals
Chapter 83a Construction Contracts
Chapter 84 Mechanics' And Materialmen's Liens
Chapter 84a Oil, Gas, And Mineral Liens
Chapter 85 Real Property Management
Chapter 86 Real Estate Syndicates
Chapter 86a Real Estate Investment Trusts
Chapter 87 Shopping Centers
Chapter 88 Condominiums And Timeshares
Chapter 89 Farms And Ranches
Division 4 Farms, Water Rights
Chapter 89a Water Rights
Chapter CT Correlation Table For 1997 Recodification Of Title One Of Texas Family Code

Division 1 Personal Property, Marital Agreements, Retirement
Chapter 90 Ownership And Possession Of Personal Property
Chapter 90a Storage Of Personal Property
Chapter 91 Minors And Parents
Chapter 92 Powers Of Attorney And Directive To Physicians
Chapter 93 Antenuptial Agreements
Chapter 94 Postnuptial Agreements
Chapter 94a Nonmarital Agreements
Chapter 95 Retirement Planning
Chapter CT Correlation Table For 1997 Recodification Of Title One Of Texas Family Code
Division 2 Bankruptcy
Chapter 96 Personal Bankruptcy Planning
Chapters 97-99 [Reserved]
Division 3 Divorce
Chapter 100 Agreements Incident To Divorce
Chapter 101 Provisions For Division Of Property
Chapter 102 Provisions For Debts And Obligations
Chapter 103 Provisions For Spousal And Child Support
Chapter 104 Provisions For Conservatorship And Visitation
Chapter 105 Provisions For Insurance, Pensions, And Employee Benefits
Chapter 106 Provisions For Attorney's Fees And Costs