Pennsylvania Transaction Guide: Legal Forms

The source for the procedural guidance and forms you'll need for the transactional areas of your practice.

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The source for the procedural guidance and forms you'll need for the transactional areas of your practice.

Manage your clients' civil transactions confidently and efficiently. Obtain quick access to practically everything you need to negotiate and handle your clients' transactions with confidence, speed, and authority... from start to finish. Available in print or online as a part of the LexisNexis Total Research System, this practical resource covers virtually every legal and business transaction you may encounter in your day-to-day practice -- each presented in a step-by-step fashion and specific to the laws of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Transaction Guide: Legal Forms is logically organized to help you find current substantive law, practical procedural guidance, or necessary documents and forms. Broken down into comprehensive chapters addressing specific transactions, the guide covers these important subject areas:

•  Business Entities
•  Wills & Trusts
•  Commercial Transactions
•  Real Estate Transactions
•  Personal Transactions

Benefit from these useful time-saving practice aids:

•  Scope Note and Synopsis: Learn at a glance what each chapter covers. Convenient cross-references alert you to other chapters where you can read more on related topics.
•  Research Guide: Easily locate relevant additional information including state and federal statutes and regulations, law review articles, and analysis.
•  Legal Background: Build a basic understanding of the law, quickly and easily.
•  Practice Guide: Step by step guide for completing your transaction from client interview through drafting guide and subsequent procedures.
•  Forms with Commentary: Hundreds of clauses and complete forms, coupled with expert guidance, enable you to meet the specific requirements of your transaction.

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Table of contents

Unit 1 Business Entities
Division 1 Formation Of Corporations
Chapter 1 Starting And Operating A Business
Chapter 2 Preincorporation Agreements
Chapter 3 Corporate Names
Chapter 4 Articles Of Incorporation
Chapter 5 Bylaws
Chapter 6 Organization Meeting
Chapter 7 Incorporating A Going Business
Chapter 8 Equity Securities
Chapter 9 Debt Securities
Chapter 10 Registration Of Securities
Chapter 11 Subchapter S Status
Chapter 12 Close Corporations
Chapters 13-19 [Reserved]

Division 2 Corporate Operation And Termination
Chapter 20 Directors' Meetings
Chapter 21 Shareholders' Meetings
Chapter 22 Voting Trusts
Chapter 23 Corporate Business
Chapter 24 Amendment Of Articles And Bylaws
Chapter 25 [Reserved]
Chapter 26 Dividends
Chapter 27 Mergers
Chapter 28 Acquisitions
Chapter 29 Dissolution Of Corporations
Chapter 30 Transfer Of Securities
Chapters 31-39 [Reserved]

Division 3 Special Organizations
Chapter 40 Professional Corporations
Chapter 41 Nonprofit Corporations
Chapter 42 Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 43 Foreign Corporations
Chapter 44 Buying And Selling A Business
Chapter 45 Cooperative Agricultural Associations
Chapter 46 General Partnerships
Chapter 47 Professional Partnerships
Chapter 48 Limited Partnerships
Chapter 49 Dissolution Of Partnerships
Chapters 50-59 [Reserved]

Unit 2 Wills And Trusts
Division 1 Wills And Estate Plans
Chapter 60 Estate Planning Guide
Chapter 61 Contracts To Transfer Property At Death
Chapter 62 Standard Wills
Chapter 63 Marital Deduction Wills
Chapter 64 [Reserved]
Chapter 65 Charitable Dispositions
Chapters 66-70 [Reserved]
Chapter 71 Codicils
Chapter 72 Beneficiaries And Testator's Instructions
Chapter 73 Disposition Of Property
Chapter 74 Conditional Estates And Future Interests

Division 2 Fiduciaries And Testamentary Trusts
Chapter 75 Powers Of Appointment
Chapter 76 Executors
Chapters 77-81 [Reserved]
Chapter 82 Testamentary Guardians
Chapter 83 Testamentary Trustees
Chapter 84 Standard Testamentary Trusts
Chapter 85 Testamentary Trust Dispositions
Chapter 86 Testamentary Trust Directions
Chapters 87-99 [Reserved]

Division 3 Gifts And Living Trusts
Chapters 100-101 [Reserved]
Chapter 102 Anatomical Gifts
Chapter 103 Irrevocable Living Trusts
Chapter 104 Revocable Trusts
Chapter 105 Marital Deduction Trusts
Chapter 106 Charitable Trusts
Chapter 107 Insurance Trust Provisions
Chapters 108-110 [Reserved]
Chapter 111 Personal Gifts
Chapters 112-119 [Reserved]

Unit 3 Commercial Transactions
Division 1 Business Financing
Chapter 120 Business Financing Guide
Chapter 121 Commercial Loans
Chapter 122 Equipment And Personal Property Leasing
Chapter 123 Accounts Receivable Financing
Chapter 124 Secured Transactions
Chapter 125 Negotiable Instruments And Other Commercial Paper
Chapter 126 Franchising
Chapter 127 Creditors' Agreements
Chapters 128-139 [Reserved]

Division 2 Business Contracts And Procedures
Chapter 140 Contract Provisions
Chapter 141 Assignment Of Obligations
Chapter 142 Discharge Of Obligations
Chapter 143 Sales Of Goods
Chapter 144 Employment Contracts
Chapter 145 Professional Service Contracts
Chapter 146 Commercial Carriage And Warehousing
Chapter 147 Copyrights
Chapter 148 Trademarks
Chapters 149-159 [Reserved]

Division 3 Business And Consumer Relations
Chapter 160 Advertising
Chapter 161 Business Protection
Chapter 162 [Reserved]
Chapter 163 Consumer Protection
Chapter 164 Installment Sales And Loans
Chapter 165 Automotive Financing
Chapter 166 Credit Cards
Chapter 167 Service Contracts
Chapter 168 Personal Property Bailments And Liens
Chapter 169 Moving Household Goods
Chapters 170-179 [Reserved]

Unit 4 Real Estate Transactions
Division 1 Sales And Settlement
Chapter 180 Investment Planning
Chapter 181 Brokers
Chapter 182 Options
Chapter 183 Sales Agreements
Chapter 184 Exchanges
Chapter 185 Sales Financing
Chapter 186 Mortgages
Chapter 187 Deeds
Chapter 188 Easements And Restrictions
Chapter 189 Settlement
Chapter 190 Title Protection
Chapters 191-199 [Reserved]

Division 2 Construction And Leasing
Chapter 200 Planning And Zoning
Chapter 201 Construction Contracting
Chapter 202 Design Professionals
Chapter 203 Construction Financing
Chapter 204 Mechanics' And Other Liens
Chapter 205 Property Management
Chapter 206 Ground Leases
Chapter 207 Commercial Leases
Chapter 208 Residential And General Leasing
Chapter 209 Farms
Chapter 210 Contamination Considerations In Real Property Transactions
Chapters 211-219 [Reserved]

Division 3 Syndication And Development
Chapter 220 Real Estate Syndicates
Chapter 221 Shopping Centers
Chapter 222 Subdivisions
Chapter 223 Mobile Homes
Chapter 224 Condominiums
Chapter 225 Real Estate Investment Trusts And Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits
Chapters 226-239 [Reserved]

Unit 5 Personal Transactions
Division 1 Individuals And Families
Chapter 240 Personal Planning Guide
Chapter 241 Antenuptial Agreements
Chapters 242-243 [Reserved]
Chapter 244 Minors And Parents
Chapter 245 Adoption And Foster Care
Chapter 246 Health Care Services
Chapter 247 Powers Of Attorney
Chapter 248 Personal Bankruptcy Planning
Chapter 249 Nonmarital Agreements
Chapter 250 Retirement Planning Guide
Chapters 251-259 [Reserved]

Division 2 Marriage Settlement Agreements
Chapter 260 Marital Termination Guide
Chapter 261 Separation Agreements
Chapter 262 [Reserved]
Chapter 263 Support
Chapter 264 Division Of Property
Chapter 265 Provisions For Debts And Obligations
Chapter 266 Insurance And Employee Benefit Provisions
Chapter 267 Provisions For Payment Of Taxes, Attorneys' Fees, And Costs
Chapter 268 [Reserved]
Chapter 269 Custody And Visitation Provisions