How Does the Online Purchase Process Work?

Simply select your size, jurisdiction and content plan, then complete checkout. You’ll get an instant email confirmation and you’ll receive your login credentials within one business day. (For instance, if you order on the weekend, expect your credentials by the following Tuesday.) Once you get your credentials, you can log in to your new account and start working—fast and easy.

What’s the difference between the packages? 

To better serve our audience, we have created two sets of offerings for small law firms and corporate legal departments.

Small Law Firm

We talked to lawyers like you to figure out what most attorneys need— and what they want.  Our entry level package is the classic Lexis State Primary.  Built on the foundation of Lexis Advance, this package covers cases, statutes & legislation for the jurisdiction you select.

We also have three Lexis+ packages.

  • Lexis+ State Primary includes state cases, statutes, and legislation for your state, plus our Practical Guidance service for the civil litigation area of practice.
  • Lexis+ State Enhanced with Full Federal includes cases, statutes, and legislation for your state, federal cases and materials, plus Practical Guidance for the civil litigation area of practice.
  • Our premier offering combines the best features in each package.  You get Lexis+ State Enhanced with Full Federal, including cases, statutes and legislation for your state, federal cases and materials, plus our Practical Guidance service with all 21 areas of practice.

Corporate Legal Attorneys

Corporate legal departments have a unique set of requirements.  We’ve created three benefits packages so you can get more done in less time.

  • Our entry level package is Lexis+ General Counsel Suite - Essentials, which includes cases, statues, and legislation for your state, plus on-demand CLEs, news and coverage, and practice resources from 20 practice areas.
  • Lexis+ General Counsel Suite - Premium with additional authoritative analysis of specific legal issues, timesaving content from previous lawsuits and insights on judges, attorneys, and witnesses.
  • Lexis+ General Counsel Suite - Premium International which includes all other package offerings, along with an upgrade to cases and statues from around the world.

What is the Practical Guidance service?

Practical Guidance is just that - professional guidance from 99 of the AMLaw 100 firms.  Our authoritative practice notes, annotated templates and checklists clearly outline how to accomplish even unfamiliar matters, enabling you to expand your firm or in-house legal team’s areas of expertise, all while saving you time.

Currently, the Practical Guidance service offers detailed content for 21 areas of practice:

Is Online Shopping Only Available for Solo and Two-Attorney Firms?

For private law firms, yes, right now the ability to buy online is only available for those in one- to two-attorney firms.  If you’re on a corporate legal team, you can purchase up to five seats of Lexis+ General Counsel Suite.  If you’re in a larger firm or organization, no worries—Contact Us and we’ll tailor a custom plan specifically for your practice.

Can I Build a Custom Plan?

You sure can. While we’ve tailored our online packages for the needs of most attorneys, we totally get that every firm and organization face unique challenges. Contact Us directly and we’ll work together to design a specialized plan precisely to your needs. You can also call 1-888-AT-LEXIS for a one-on-one consultation.

Can I Contact Someone for Help and to Ask Questions?

Of course. We’re standing by ready to assist. Check out our Contact Us page. From there, you’re able to ask questions about sales, technical support and more, either by phone, chat or online form—whatever’s easiest on you.

Do I Need a Bunch of Training to Learn to Use These Tools?

While Lexis+ has a lot of features and functionality, we always remember that this solution is fundamentally about making your life easier and change isn't easy. As a LexisNexis® customer, you'll get access to a dedicated support team and ongoing resources that are built around providing you with a personalized and tailored experience that helps get you ramped up quickly and efficiently. We also created a handy Training and Support page packed with helpful videos and walkthroughs.

Where Can I Get Trained on LexisNexis Resources?

Check out our Training and Support page. Inside you’ll find a wealth of training materials like videos and written walkthroughs. You can also use the page to request specialized one-on-one (or group) training on your products. As a LexisNexis® customer, you’ll get access to a dedicated support team that will help in training and troubleshooting when you need it..

Can I Try Out Lexis+ Before I Buy?

You certainly can. You can request an instant free trial by clicking here.

Or, if you have something more custom in mind, click here for the custom plan page, submit the form, and we’ll be in touch soon to coordinate either a trial or a personalized tour of your next online legal solutions tool.