With Lexis® and Lexis+™, Do More with Fewer Hands

The success of a small law office depends on efficiency and accuracy. You need to move fast to serve each of your clients without compromising the quality of your work. To cut through the noise and accomplish your work quickly, you need the Lexis or Lexis+ service.

Lexis and Lexis+ are the best solutions for conducting legal research in small law firms. Solo attorneys must wear several hats. That means that you’re constantly faced with new challenges. The evolving legal environment and new challenges facing small law firms translates to less time for actual client work.

These legal research services allow you to minimize time spent on tedious tasks. Ready to learn more?

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Which LexisNexis Research Service is Right for You?

You can choose between the trusted Lexis® and the groundbreaking Lexis+™ tools. Both resources are built on the same platform and offer powerful research capabilities, so here’s a quick breakdown of the differences.

Lexis is a great place to start your legal research. Scour a massive online law library with blazing-fast speed, using data-fueled search tools to dig deeper into your work.

Lexis+ builds on the capabilities of Lexis, adding practical guidance, brief analysis, data insights and a host of other enhancements—all in single, easy-to-use package.

Ready to get started?

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