Protect. Guide. Reimagine. Learn about School Law, 38th Edition.

Protect. Guide. Reimagine.

Today’s fundamentals extend well beyond academic measurement. We are members of a strong community, committed to keeping one another safe, respecting personal privacy and helping every student succeed. Fiscal and functional challenges cannot defeat us. In brand-new ways, school boards are fostering innovation, collaboration and flexible learning. As you move forward and new questions arise, be sure to count on the most convenient, authoritative Q&A resource on New York school laws.

In a time of unprecedented challenges, make sure you have the answers needed to help your district and students thrive.

Published by the New York State School Boards Association and the New York State Bar Association in collaboration with LexisNexis, School Law, 38th Edition is the one resource trusted for the past 75 years by school board members, administrators, educators, school attorneys and others, in their respective roles as members of the education community. The 38th Edition presents a broad spectrum of education law issues in a practical, highly accessible question-and-answer format.

School Law, 38th Edition includes:

  • Authoritative answers to 2,000+ legal questions questions
  • Summaries of significant new statutes and legislative changes awaiting action by the governor
  • Discussions of recent case law updates and state regulations