Wyoming Real Estate Manual

The Wyoming Real Estate Manual is an authoritative and convenient one stop source of annotated statutes and rules for the Wyoming real estate industry from the official publisher of the Wyoming Statutes Annotated.
Publisher: Michie

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2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781663300379
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Brought to you by the Official publisher of the Wyoming Statutes Annotated, the Wyoming Real Estate Manual benefits new applicants for licensure as well as existing real estate brokers, appraisers, and other real estate professionals. Compiled into one authoritative and convenient source, it includes the official Wyoming annotated statutes and the related rules.

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Table of Contents

Title 1. Code of Civil Procedure.

Chapter 18. Sale and Redemption of Realty Sold Under Mortgage or Execution, §§ 1-18-101 to 1-18-115

Title 33. Professions and Occupations.

Chapter 28. Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen.

Article 1. General Licensing Provisions, §§ 33-28-101 to 33-28-125

Article 2. Wyoming Real Estate Recovery and Education Funds, §§ 33-28-201 to 33-28-206

Article 3. Brokerage Relationships, §§ 33-28-301 to 33-28-311

Article 4. Errors and Omissions Insurance, § 33-28-401

Chapter 39. Real Estate Appraisers.

Article 1. Certified Real Estate Appraiser Act, §§ 33-39-101 to 33-39-130

Article 2. Appraisal Management Company Registration and Regulation Act, §§ 33-39-201 to 33-39-225

Title 34. Property, Conveyances and Security Transactions.

Chapter 1. General Provisions.

Article 1. In General, §§ 34-1-101 to 34-1-153

Chapter 2. Deeds, Mortgages and Leases Generally, §§ 34-2-101 to 34-2-137

Chapter 10. Marketable Titles, §§ 34-10-101 to 34-10-109

Chapter 11. Affidavits Affecting Title, § 34-11-101

Title 40. Trade and Commerce.

Chapter 23. Wyoming Residential Mortgage Practices Act, §§ 40-23-101 to 40-23-133

Code of Wyoming Rules

Agency 024. Department of Administration and Information.

Sub-Agency 018. Real Estate Commission.

Chapter 1. General Provisions and Licensing, Sections 1 to 6

Chapter 2. Fees, Section 1

Chapter 3. Forms, Section 1

Chapter 4. Renewals — Education, Sections 1 to 7

Chapter 5. Brokers' Trust Accounts, Sections 1, 2

Chapter 6. Regulatory Enforcement Grounds, Sections 1 to 3

Chapter 7. Errors and Omissions Insurance, Sections 1 to 14

Chapter 8. Application Review, Complaints and Hearing Procedures, Sections 1 to 7